Save element as Layout

Since Webflow updated it's functionallity, adding "Layouts" as quick-add elements I have been thinkin - why can't I save my own elements as a Layout. So for everytime I need to copy-paste a Layout I have made, I can just add it from Layout. This would be different from "Symbols" since "Symbols" needs to be adjusted with override fields if the content will not be the same.

  • Stefan Blendulf
  • May 12 2020
  • Adela Anne commented
    23 May 07:10am

    Save layout elements in a database and add them to the element library through the Database Element dialog box that allows you to store and retrieve them if you want to use them later in another map . Any element of your map layout can be added to the database. periodic table

  • Emma Wilson commented
    19 May 07:55am

    In a webflow, new function added as to save layout element easily you can save element as layout. Website content writer observe that the procedure of saving the element of every layout now become very easy.

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