Make "Conditional Visibility" Server-side

Currently, conditional visibility is a simple class assignment with Display:None. This makes it so that when you have a lot of content-rich sections hidden conditionally, the page will still load them into the DOM and consumes data for the user. This is not ideal for CMS pages that have unique sections and headers based on categories.

For example, if I want to have a unique hero header with a background video for each CMS item, I'd need to create all of them on the template page and hide them conditionally. Under current circumstances, the user will have to load all of these to load the page.

Server-side management of conditional visibility would make sure that the hidden sections never reach the DOM and are hence never loaded.

  • Khashayar Toodehfallah
  • May 14 2020
  • David Mack commented
    27 Aug 19:40

    This is impacting my page load speed as images are all loaded despite never shown

  • Glen Burnett commented
    13 Jul 09:48

    I concur with this feature wish list item. From an SEO point of view, it's not good to have content that is loaded when the page loads, to then be hidden from view. Google will still pick up on that content and mark down a site's search ranking results for hiding content that it thinks should be available for users to see.

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