Make "Conditional Visibility" Server-side

Currently, conditional visibility is a simple class assignment with Display:None. This makes it so that when you have a lot of content-rich sections hidden conditionally, the page will still load them into the DOM and consumes data for the user. This is not ideal for CMS pages that have unique sections and headers based on categories.

For example, if I want to have a unique hero header with a background video for each CMS item, I'd need to create all of them on the template page and hide them conditionally. Under current circumstances, the user will have to load all of these to load the page.

Server-side management of conditional visibility would make sure that the hidden sections never reach the DOM and are hence never loaded.

  • Khashayar Toodehfallah
  • May 14 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Aviate Werbeagentur commented
    16 Jul 06:16am

    We have a lot of individual elements for cms items, this is much needed!

  • Joshua Sauder commented
    14 Jun 02:19pm

    PLEASE Webflow, please.

  • Absurdity Studio commented
    25 Apr 05:24pm

    Any chance of getting this feature? It's definitely needed.

  • Stof Hofer commented
    14 Dec, 2023 11:28am

    Agreed with everything mentioned. Please add this!

  • David Coleman commented
    19 Nov, 2023 05:03pm

    Very disappointed and concerned about this. I'm sure this will come back to bite me when SEO/accessibility audits pick it up. Basically means conditional visibility should only be used for very small elements.

  • Tom commented
    25 Oct, 2023 10:55am

    we need this!

  • BrandBridge Media commented
    22 Aug, 2023 04:09am

    Are there any updates on this? This is completely contrary to the requirements of SEO for website performance.

  • Roland du Toit commented
    8 Mar, 2022 11:37pm

    Yes please. This sort of blows my mind that this is how it's handled. Many of Webflows URL structure limitations and shortcomings can be overcome with the business plan for 60 CMS Fields per collection and using conditional visibility.

    The fact it still loads and then just hides it in the CSS and is not done on the serverside is pretty crazy.

    I would love this feature!

  • Benjamin Levis commented
    5 Mar, 2022 12:34pm

    Impressed by your ideas and writing skills

  • Esteban Suarez commented
    11 Aug, 2021 12:40am

    It would solve all my problems if conditional visibility was server side. Why isn't it already? There are no drawback if moved to the server

  • Sam Pilgrim commented
    25 Feb, 2021 12:48pm

    Just discovered this. This is frustrating from a performance point of view.

    As has been pointed out elsewhere on the forum, deleting these elements from the DOM via JS has no real effect on performance since the elements have to be loaded anyway.

  • David Mack commented
    27 Aug, 2020 07:40pm

    This is impacting my page load speed as images are all loaded despite never shown

  • Glen Burnett commented
    13 Jul, 2020 09:48am

    I concur with this feature wish list item. From an SEO point of view, it's not good to have content that is loaded when the page loads, to then be hidden from view. Google will still pick up on that content and mark down a site's search ranking results for hiding content that it thinks should be available for users to see.

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