'if' variables for animation triggers

webflow is amazing to me so far however when trying to create extremely complex animations. adding more ways to trigger animations, particularly with if/else statements would open up a world of possibilites and offer much more freedom when creating complex websites.

i recently had this idea when attempting to create a complex dropdown navbar with multiple categories and subcategories nested within each other, i got it working to some extend within webflow but it was very limited and very clunky and ultimately i had to fix this with custom code to get it working how i wanted it to.

for example:

if 'element1' is hidden, trigger 'animation1'

this is just a simple example but i feel like the animation triggers currently are good but can feel quite limited.

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  • May 15 2020
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  • Jonatan Rønsholdt commented
    16 Apr, 2021 06:59pm

    Very needed indeed! For istance also if you only want a click animation to be able to be triggered if the scroll position of an element is at a certain minimum percentage.

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