Tabs for the Designer's Style panel

Hey fellow designers! I feel like at least 5% of my time on Webflow is spent just to scroll through the Style panel... Whereas a little something could make navigating through it very easy.

I think the good approach would be the Photoshop/Illustrator layout.
There, the different styles are just tabs on the same row that you can access very easily without having to scroll a single time. You can reorganize them as you wish and even put them on several rows so you don't have 10 style panels stacked on the same one. I'm not necesseraly asking for the whole reorganize thing but the tabs layout as a start would be awesome!

Here's a link that shows what I mean

It would be a very great upgrade for this already powerful tool that is Webflow.
Vote this up pleeease!

Thanks for reading and have a good one lads!

  • Walter
  • May 17 2020
  • Reviewed