Non recurring charges/invoices/bills

It would be very helpful to be able to create separate charges to clients other than the automatically recurring hosting costs.

I'll use my own situation as an example, offering websites, hosting and design as a service, focusing primarily on small businesses as customers.

Many of these small business customers need their branding created because they are just getting started, in this scenario being able to charge a custom, one time amount would be helpful. Currently I need to bill a customer for this charge somewhere other than Webflow, even though it's basically just a stepping stone to getting to Webflow and their website.

Then, we get the website built and set up hosting with Webflow, again the build of the site itself, could be a separate, one time bill aside from the monthly payment. (Let's say $1,500 website design and development cost, then $50/month to keep it hosted) as an example of what what I might tell the customer.

Now after the site is live, inevitably customers are going to need updates and changes from time to time. Some will need constant additions/changes while others may just need to swap out a phone number or hours of operation twice a year. While some customers are willing to learn and have me teach them how to make these changes themselves, many do not want to mess with it, and still for more significant updates they will rely on me to make those changes. The current solution seems to be to mark up the monthly payment enough to cover estimated hours spent on the site each month.

This is fine for some clients, but as I mentioned I'm working primarily with small businesses who are extremely price sensitive, and often leave their sites untouched for years at a time (think local car washes, small construction companies, etc). That being said it would be more appealing to offer a lower monthly fee, with the stipulation customers will be billed for additional hours spent down the road, rather than just always having a high monthly payment, even when time spent on maintenance and updates might be next to nothing on average.

Being able to create these separate charges would alleviate, and allow better clarity in billing for the design and build phases, as well as the maintenance and updates after launch, while being more flexible on the fixed price for the customers. In addition it could allow us to itemize these expenses, plus it would "feel" more trustworthy and professional if half the invoices/billing screens didn't come from Paypal (or wherever else), while the other half came from Webflow. The separation of these 2 payment types adds up in accounts/invoices/emails/taxes over time, and while it isn't a huge problem, it is a place I think the customer experience could become more streamlined and cohesive over time.

  • Chad Jensen
  • May 18 2020
  • Chad Jensen commented
    18 May, 2020 08:24pm

    This post got super long but also just thought of another idea

    Similar to scheduled publishing, another cool feature would be to be able to tie scheduling to these payments.

    Example: Customer needs a major site update, let's say it takes 40+ hours of work and I send them a one time invoice once the work is complete, along with an unpublished site link to preview it, upon paying said invoice, the update is triggered to be published live to their website (ensuring payment is tied to the work).