Mobile Touch Gestures in Interactions Panel

Ability to trigger Interactions using mobile and tablet touch events, particularly swipe-left and swipe-right.

  • Robert Holtz
  • May 19 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Nick McLoota commented
    22 Apr 01:59am

    I guess it would have made sense to attach the link to the site that it happens on:

    Maybe it's only for me, I guess I haven't asked anyone else!

  • Nick McLoota commented
    22 Apr 01:59am

    This would be cool. I have found that when you add a transition to something that is not a button, and the interaction causes an overlay effect, it takes two 'clicks' on mobile (touch screen devices).

    The first 'touch' adds the overlay, and the second 'touch' actually presses the button (goes to a link).

    Here's my example (I didn't do this on purpose). If you use mobile, hovering makes the 'recent work' section divs have a red overlay. But if you click, it goes to my recent work. Whereas on mobile, the first click adds the red overlay, and the second click goes to the recent work.

    Maybe this is a feature, maybe it's a bug. It's really just a thing for me at this point...

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