Add multiple elements from finder at once. Similar to CSS plugin.

Right now you can add only one element from finder so if you want let's say add two paragraphs you have to open finder type "paragraph" and choose it from the list and then you have to repeat that action once again.

It would be much faster if you could write something like "paragraph+paragraph" hit enter and the result would be two paragraphs. Much faster, right?

Now imagine typing something like -"section>container>column>heading+paragraph^column>heading+list>list_item*3" the result would be two columns - one with header and paragraph, second with header and list with 3 items, all wrapped in a container inside section. I think such feature would be a great time saver. Please check emmet website for more info how it works with css.

  • Wenvell
  • May 21 2020
  • Reviewed