Captcha integration for forms

Enable a captcha field or Google recaptcha button as an element inside forms.

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  • Jan 17 2017
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  • Jun 19, 2018

    Admin response

    Now you can add a reCAPTCHA field to forms to make sure your submissions are brought to you by certified human beings. Read the update.

  • Yusef Coleburn commented
    9 May, 2022 12:36pm

    Would like hidden re captcha

  • Maggy Monceaux commented
    7 Nov, 2018 07:59pm

    could we get an invisible re captcha? :) please

  • Martin Rockstrom commented
    20 Jun, 2018 10:48am

    Finally, fantastic!!!

  • Julien V. commented
    20 Jun, 2018 04:28am

    Yeeeaahhhhh thank you for having added the recaptcha field in Webflow!!!!!

  • Bill V commented
    19 Jun, 2018 09:56pm

    Yes!! Thank you guys

  • Stephanie Waddell commented
    25 May, 2018 01:58pm

    Definitely need this feature, I'm very surprised it doesn't exist as many other website builder/platforms include this. I hope it's offered very soon.

  • Ben Stanbury commented
    25 May, 2018 04:24am


    Thank you for your email.

    I am away from the office until Tuesday 29th May and will respond to your messages on my return.

    Kind regards,


  • Tim Kelly commented
    25 May, 2018 01:50am

    Love getting these emails - everyone is like a little Christmas present.

    FYI - I'm doing a talk to 300 university marketing students 2-weeks time
    and I'm telling everyone to create a website with Webflow.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jordan Lucas commented
    24 May, 2018 10:59pm

    Very disappointed to learn that Google reCaptcha v2 has not been integrated into the designer. Seems like this should be a slam dunk for you. However, it appears that your failure to implement and/or provide other solutions in a timely manner provides a glimpse of the multitude of near future shortcomings.

  • Julien V. commented
    23 May, 2018 05:47am

    This is becoming urgent guys, we are waiting for it for years now, at least please post a workaround on your blog! Thanks in advance

  • Karol Gajdoš commented
    14 May, 2018 01:20pm

    SECURITY is NUMBER ONE... Specialy with Forms
    Webflow is amazing but without this it's just toy for kids

    I need a solution for clients... They asking to move out from webflow
    WE NEED CAPTCHA NOW !!! - - -

  • Wout Helsmoortel commented
    10 May, 2018 10:58pm

    Need this as well!

  • Marcel Schubert commented
    16 Apr, 2018 09:12am


  • Ryan Given commented
    12 Apr, 2018 08:23pm

    This is a pretty necessary feature in this day and age - really hoping this gets added to make Webflow even more powerful/relevant!

  • Ellen commented
    4 Apr, 2018 09:40am

    I'm a Muse refugee just starting with Webflow, and I'm shocked to find out this isn't available in Webflow. ReCaptcha 2 is standard on Muse forms, and is essential. I would have re-thought signing up for Webflow if I'd realized this wasn't possible!

  • Brian Gagnon commented
    29 Mar, 2018 09:13pm

    This is an absolute must for 2018.  Shocked this hasn't been responded to in 4 years!

  • Stephanie Waddell commented
    27 Mar, 2018 10:53pm

    I can't believe it's 2018 and this feature that has been requested over 4 years ago still doesn't exist...or does it and I just can't find it. 

  • Ken Chan commented
    22 Mar, 2018 05:32am

    Yes we need this, please work on it soon.

  • Rob Saville commented
    17 Feb, 2018 09:56pm

    This is so badly needed. ReCaptcha or Invisible ReCaptcha would at least add some defence against spam. My clients expect at least some protection on their contact forms.

  • Richard Ricketts commented
    10 Jan, 2018 08:27pm

    This is a must, more for Webflow than me. We're right in the middle of moving a client over. We are constantly fending off form spammers. They just got hit with over 200,000 fake form submissions in under 24 hours. That sort of volume *might* get management's attention when their IT team has to support/respond to an incident like that.

    I'd prefer Webflow just add this feature and be done with it. Most of the time software changes and updates are dictated by demand. Sometimes, not all the time, it can be persuaded by bugs and or design flaws (hence wishlist). Hopefully this is the latter.

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