Pin side menu (pages, add element, etc) open so you don't have to keep opening it

I click on this menu hundreds of times when building new sites because it doesn't stay open, I have to keep opening it. Gets frustrating when you're doing a lot of navigating between pages.

  • Mike
  • Jun 3 2020
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  • Valentin Feldman commented
    10 Jul, 2022 12:00pm


  • Alyse Dunn commented
    9 Jul, 2022 11:59am

    For the love of GOD yes.

  • Jacob Joseph commented
    9 Feb, 2022 12:08pm

    Yes, please. This is so annoying right now to have to keep opening these menus up

  • Gradient Website commented
    25 Aug, 2021 04:12pm


  • Aditya Nag commented
    4 Mar, 2021 10:05pm

    100% this. I can't believe that this isn't already built!

  • Marc-Antoine B. commented
    5 Jan, 2021 04:01pm

    Same here. I would like it there to be in the preferences an "auto-hide side menu" checkbox that I could untick. Thanks !

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