Notification system for the automatic switching to larger desktop breakpoints

I love the addition of larger breakpoint, however I often find that the designer moves to the larger breakpoint automatically without notification. When this happens, all the styles I've created do not apply to the base breakpoint, thus resulting in me having to completely start over and rebuild all the styles in the base break point, then reset them in the larger breakpoint that they were originally applied in.

I believe this happens when resizing the browser window itself (not the designer window), however there should be a better system of indicating which breakpoint you are in, or when the browser size automatically switched between breakpoints. This will save time and frustration in the event that you are in the wrong desktop breakpoint.

This has happened to me often enough where I constantly check which breakpoint I am in before I start working, and STILL it has happened. I am urging Webflow to create some kind of colored banner or notification box in the top right corner (like the one you get when you copy & paste across projects) to indicate that you are in a larger desktop breakpoint than the base breakpoint!

  • Nina Martinez
  • Jun 4 2020
  • Nina Martinez commented
    04 Jun 19:53

    As discussed with someone outside of this forum, a notification is only a suggestion, but some people may find it annoying.

    Some other options could be changing the background color of the active breakpoint to a brighter color (it is currently black), or having a colored border around the perimeter of the designer show/flash for a few seconds when entering a new breakpoint.

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