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Ability to host CMS externally Merged


I'm designer and I would like to be able to update a site in webflow and publish it directly on my own web hosting.

Actually, I prototyping my sites with webflow and I use for dynamics content but it's not as nice as webflow CMS and it's not easy for update design.

Most of my clients are non-profit organizations and do not have enough money to pay for high-end hosting. They are not willing to pay more than 100 € / year for the domain name and hosting.

I learned the html / css a long time ago (still in table). Later, with the arrival of responsive design, I used zurb foundation until the day I discovered webflow. Today I only use webflow for my prototype but I would like to go further. And currently, my clients do not allow me to use the CMS functions because it's way too expensive. To reduce the costs for my clients, I would like to regroup several of my sites on a single host. (I have a friend who is sysadmin)

Thanks !

  • Jonathan Lapierre
  • Jan 30 2017