Different root html tag/element other than body - for embedding/pasting code into existing websites

I would like to be able to use WebFlow to create subsections to an existing webpage (newspaper), where design and templates are limited by the existing CMS. But to do this without messing with the styles of the existing site, I need the css to be inherited from something else than body. So for an example if I could define the root element to be lets say <section class="w-body"></section>, and the css was then "rooted" from there instead, and any "reset css" should then be adjusted to exclude html tag references, and body references should be "rooted" to the w-body instead... I know this might break some stuff, but it would open for so many more usecases to our company.

I myself am able to do this by changing the exported code, but for my many non-code-capable co-workers this is not an option.

P.S. iFrame embeds is not a viable option!

  • Jacob Storgaard Jensen
  • Jun 11 2020