SVG Integration please!!!

All the icons being uploaded are svg and u cant change their colors nor resize them properly bcz only way you add svg is either through image or embed code

And neither one is a good solution

  • Ghous Shah
  • Jun 11 2020
  • DSGN DOJO commented
    11 May 08:37am

    I've set projects aside with this one last detail to complete at times to go through svg color conversions in batches to ensure I match the aesthetics and color schemes of different brands.

    Currently six websites at that stage, in fact.

    Dynamic color change option via global swatches, please and thank you!

  • Lola Perrone commented
    27 Mar 04:29am

    The primary purpose of this document, SVG Integration, is to define a number of referencing modes for SVG documents.


  • Mindy Reid commented
    19 Mar 05:29am

    Thanks for the information

  • Arango Michel commented
    18 Mar 06:18am

    Having the option to dynamically color SVGs using the Global Swatch colors would be a real time-saver.


  • Nancy Denison commented
    5 Mar 05:21am

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Eivind Brækkan Engstad commented
    25 Nov, 2020 08:37am

    i cant believe how few has voted for this, this is a key feature for effectivity.

  • Nina Martinez commented
    18 Nov, 2020 06:45pm

    I know this isn't a perfect solution, but here is a workaround to changing the SVG color with the font color settings and having them visible in the designer window.

  • Emily Goutagny commented
    2 Sep, 2020 10:35am

    This document is the 26 May 2020 Editor's Draft of SVG Integration. The purpose of this specification is to define how SVG works. Approach us

  • Mabel Goodrich commented
    31 Jul, 2020 03:02pm

    I tries with embed code, but it did not work well too. But there could have some difficulties with installing the files size.Have a try with the porn 3d giochi flash to play and discover something new techniques that may be useful for others.

  • Terry Hopper commented
    13 Jun, 2020 05:10pm

    Hi Ghous,

    I agree, this would make a big difference.

    There is already a wishlist request for it here.

  • Craig Garner commented
    12 Jun, 2020 12:44am

    Agreed. Having the option to dynamically color SVGs using the Global Swatch colors would be a real time-saver.

  • Ghous Shah commented
    11 Jun, 2020 04:43pm

    Now upvote this bcz this is real pain in the head

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