Multi-select elements

Within Webflow Designer's canvas, add the ability to select multiple elements for bulk actions such as changing the class, editing styling and settings, copying, and delete.

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  • Jan 11 2017
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  • Nadia Ben Halima commented
    24 May 02:49pm

    It's a real bummer not being able to select multiple elements (at least elements in the same div, or the same type element)

  • Esben Engsted commented
    24 May 10:45am

    Would speed of onces workflow a lot on big/long pages!

  • Adriano Resende commented
    18 May 06:08pm

    This wish was created in 2017, and now, in 2023, with a big developer team, this doesn't is implemented yet.

    Maybe Webflow needs to recheck the priorities for designers and developers (clients).

  • Schuyler commented
    13 May 08:08pm

    I'm sorry but W. T. F.

  • Fabrizzio Andrioli commented
    12 May 07:14pm


  • Fara Alexander commented
    28 Apr 03:16pm

    Much needed

  • Brian Smith commented
    20 Apr 12:46pm

    This is LITERALLY one of the top reasons websites exist... to collect emails with selection preferences. Why on earth isn't this native??? I've used Webflow for a long time and this one boggles the mind. Please get it done Webflow team. No shift, no extra steps... just dropdown, click the options - see them added with little X's so they can also be removed. ~ Otherwise, thanks for creating a great platform.

  • Sindre Skoglund-Hansen commented
    8 Apr 10:51am

    Yess please just let me hold shift and select multiple elements

  • Odama Studio commented
    27 Mar 08:24am

    somehow until now this feature has not been realized, with the wrap in div/link shortcut update, this will be very useful in grouping elements

  • Kim commented
    26 Mar 02:55am

    Please. I don't wanna move 40 things from one container to the other manually anymore.

  • Ivan Sunguroff commented
    23 Mar 11:28pm

    Please. God. Why? WHY??!?!?!?

  • Joe Eitzen commented
    23 Mar 08:50pm

    HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED? Posted 5 years ago, a basic quality-of-life feature is no where to be seen.

  • Jan Henrik Hansen commented
    15 Mar 11:43am

    Agreed. Trying to copy multiple elements between pages is a real pain. Lots of going back and forth. Since you can't have the Designer open in multiple Tabs, this limitation is even more annoying.

  • Andrew commented
    9 Mar 04:49pm

    This seems like a pretty important and necessary feature.

  • Peter Gerdes commented
    24 Feb 04:53pm

    Ummm... Seriously Webflow? You are king, and you don't have range select in assets?

  • Gabriella Magamas commented
    7 Feb 11:12pm

    how has this not been added yet. This would be incredibly useful

  • Marcos Arias commented
    23 Jan 07:43am

    this feature not being on webflow feels kind of ridiculous at this point. this would be amazing pleasee

  • Relax commented
    12 Jan 03:30pm

    It's one of the features that everybody really needs and is a huge time saver with great value

  • Lennart Hennig commented
    22 Dec, 2022 12:59am

    One of those painful facepalm things where I just don't understand why its being ignored. 9 merged ideas. First one from 2014(!!!). Tremendous value. Nothing happening. Not even a comment. Why Webflow?

  • Marie-Lou Wechsler commented
    3 Dec, 2022 11:06am

    A basic. I don't understand why it's not implemented yet 🥲

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