Multi-select elements

Within Webflow Designer's canvas, add the ability to select multiple elements for bulk actions such as changing the class, editing styling and settings, copying, and delete.

  • Jason Zucchetto
  • Jan 11 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Nima commented
    24 Sep 07:18am

    It would be really great to multi-select items like in Figma or Photoshop

  • Chico Liu commented
    21 Sep 04:24am

    whyyyyyyyyyy not have dis? at this point it feels intentional not implementing it, I mean can you imagine Figma or Photoshop not having multiselect

  • Benjamin Fortunato commented
    12 Aug 02:41am

    Agreed! This is one of those basic not so sext features that offer a lot of value. A must!

  • Ahron Antonius commented
    29 Jul 06:48pm

    We need this guys!!

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    22 Jul 04:06pm

    Holy smokes, what a drag having to copy/paste elements individually. Multi-select should be at the top of the UX feature list.

  • Ross Newton commented
    22 Jun 10:49pm

    Yeah, copy and pasting single elements in a massive grid is PAINFUL.

  • Taylor Osborn commented
    19 Jun 02:49am

    WF just add multi select. We have been cringing at your input intensive app since the beginning.

  • Kishrei Teufa commented
    13 May 12:47pm

    Multiple select - and place in a new div (just like "New folder with selection" in MacOS)

  • Hossein Boroji commented
    18 Apr 04:42am

    This is a MUST feature, takes way to long to select single items one by one

  • Liam McGivney commented
    11 Apr 05:33pm

    Let's go!!

  • DailyBot Inc commented
    7 Apr 04:37pm

    This feature has been requested on and off for at least 8 years, are there any signs that they will build this eventually?

  • Walter Nienhuis commented
    4 Apr 07:36pm

    I often create multiple DIVs for placement within a grid or something else. I would love to be able to bulk select all of them at once to create and name with a new classification without having to individually select each one and type in the new class several times.

  • Lucas commented
    3 Apr 03:34pm

    Yes! This would be so good! The other feature that would be incredible to have is hiding elements.

  • Benjamin Fortunato commented
    3 Mar 01:49pm

    Essential time saving feature. Not sexy, but sometimes its the simple things that make a program powerfull.

  • Bryan Smith commented
    2 Feb 10:14pm

    What is the reason for this not being created? Would be nice to hear that it's in the pipeline at least.

  • Sibonginkosi Magagula commented
    21 Jan 04:00pm

    I'm surprised this is still not a feature... It's such a pain. Please Webflow Dev team

  • Daniel El Agha commented
    24 Dec, 2021 05:49pm

    would save a lot of time. thanks.

  • Benja commented
    17 Dec, 2021 12:38pm

    This is really needed!

  • Garrett Chavez commented
    25 Nov, 2021 06:03am

    We need this essential feature please..!
    Ability to Shift + Click a range of elements or Ctrl + Click individual random elements and to move them from or to another element is a must.

  • Client PorterProMedia commented
    18 Nov, 2021 12:46am

    Shocked this is not already a feature. Guess I better start applying one by one because this is gonna take a while!

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