Multi-select elements

Within Webflow Designer's canvas, add the ability to select multiple elements for bulk actions such as changing the class, editing styling and settings, copying, and delete.

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  • Jan 11 2017
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  • Sally commented
    22 Apr 09:54pm

    I just want to be able to drag multiple elements at a time in the navigator. Its's literally the most annoying thing ever to have to individually drag elements into a separate div. Howwwwwwwwwwww is this not a feature after 7 years?! Every other website builder has this, I'm completely lost as to how this isn't a thing. PLEASE.

  • Sahith Reddy commented
    17 Apr 06:29pm


  • Quang Nguyen commented
    1 Apr 06:58am

    I don't understand why I have to edit each of the 1000 elements individually. WHY?

  • Catalin D. commented
    9 Mar 09:47am

    God dammit, Webflow. Please make multi-select a thing. Image having like 40 cards showing and wanting to move 3-4 at once on a different position. I just have to individually drag them between the other cards.

    Not mentioning that when you drag elements, it's very easy to nest them by mistake in other divs :)

  • Caitlin Kim commented
    24 Jan 07:01am

    every other web building platform has this. why does webflow not have it.

  • Nebojsa Dotlic commented
    10 Jan 01:05am


  • Dmitry Ratnikov commented
    26 Nov, 2023 02:17am

    It's 2023 and this is still not available! Simply unbeliveable

  • Linus Rupp commented
    8 Nov, 2023 03:56am


  • Lucian Chevallier commented
    28 Sep, 2023 04:05pm

    This would be amazing please! Massive time saver

  • Dan David commented
    21 Sep, 2023 08:44pm


  • Tanguy MOMBERT commented
    20 Sep, 2023 05:47pm


  • Jess S commented
    12 Sep, 2023 03:05am

    Pretty pretty please!

  • Lennart Hennig commented
    11 Sep, 2023 12:33pm

    Seriously, after 6 years, 9 merged ideas and 1244 votes you could AT LEAST respond and tell us why this isn't being taken care of?

  • Mozamel Sirag commented
    7 Sep, 2023 05:06am

    i neeeeeeed it

  • Zoe Kizimchuk commented
    31 Aug, 2023 01:26am

    At least let me bulk-select items to wrap in a DIV...

  • Ahron Antonius commented
    30 Aug, 2023 06:09pm

    Much needed

  • Jared Kyllo commented
    20 Aug, 2023 04:37am

    Curious as to why this has not been implemented. There must be some reasonable explanation...

  • Léo ANNETTE commented
    7 Aug, 2023 08:36pm

    Very disapointing to see this feature not implemented over 5years

  • Aria A commented
    4 Aug, 2023 07:26am

    PLEASE. This is important! Moving between figma and webflow and then remembering webflow can't do this is painful.

  • Clément Descours commented
    27 Jul, 2023 09:49am


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