Multi-select elements

Within Webflow Designer's canvas, add the ability to select multiple elements for bulk actions such as changing the class, editing styling and settings, copying, and delete.

  • Jason Zucchetto
  • Jan 11 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Caroline Montcharmont commented
    15 Oct 09:07am

    Need it absolutely

  • Anebi Agbo commented
    14 Aug 06:37am

    Definitely a feature that would be awesome!

  • Benjamín Saravia commented
    9 Aug 03:37pm


    I have to select and apply classes one by one, please, please Webflow, I just started using the platform and this one feels basic 🙏

  • Pascal Holm commented
    15 Jun 03:28pm

    This is silly now, its basic stuff to multiple select and edit. COME ON webflow

  • Keven Lupien commented
    11 May 05:12pm

    I believe this has been requested since 2014. It would be great if you could edit when multiple items are selected but as MVP even if it was just to move and delete items that would be a huge improvement.

  • Webtech AG commented
    30 Apr 03:29pm

    We really need this.

  • Constantine Georgiadis commented
    23 Apr 01:17am

    I have carpal tunnel. The absence of this feature forces me to repeat actions ad nauseum when trying to e.g. customize a template. This is a dealbreaker.

  • Sean Ginnaw commented
    7 Apr 10:02am

    This would be great for editing classes within sections!

  • JJ Velaz commented
    9 Mar 04:48pm

    This will be amazing!

  • Jackson Triffon commented
    29 Jan 01:14am

    This would speed up workflow so much!

    Completely agree with everyone here, it may be tough to implement but this feature would be incredibly useful and a strong competitive edge over new tools such as Wix's EditorX.

    Love the platform, keep doing an incredible job.

  • Will B commented
    28 Jan 12:09am

    I ran into this as a new user, I can understand the limitation but it would be nice to grab more than one layer to sort or copy paste as your building. Only thing I found useful to copy and paste more than one thing is just putting everything in more organized, and utilize sections better. Then use div blocks for things needed to be "grouped" so can grab those groups at least.

  • Bow commented
    19 Jan 08:54am

    I thought it was just my noobness, being unable to multi copy lol

    Guess not!

    I / We need this. Please! :)

  • Christopher Hogan commented
    3 Jan 10:49pm

    I mean as an engineer I can see the moderate complexity of doing his. Traversal of Graph roots comprised of potentially thousands of attributes is difficult, but there are algorithms designed to move fast even due to the NP completeness. If I can do simulated annealing and heuristics in near real time with Timescaledb streams then you can do this. I can tell you that on considerations is: pasting over large components between screens is clunky and slow currently. But you got that to work, so why not this? It's just a [potentially very large] array of objects with many attributes and children, after all.

    Another idea, why not [instead of using browser memory] make multi-selects stream the data to something like a distributed pub/sub socket cluster? If you did it that way, you could parallelize the operations to multiple in-memory caches. This way the user doesn't have to feel the burn. This is a once-in-a-while type operation, not a steady stream, so it is perfect for serverless too. I mean, I don't care cause I have 128G of RAM in this box, but a lot of users will likely care about it since they won't crash their browser doing a copy and paste op.

    Anyhow, you guys do great work... don't let us down on this one. I'd be happy to help if you need. ;)

  • Anton Krause commented
    4 Oct, 2020 11:44am

    Can somebody from Webflow give some feedback on this? How is this still not implemented? Feels like stone age to single select and apply on every element.

  • Sani commented
    29 Sep, 2020 07:35pm

    We need this.

  • Nikolai Sokolov commented
    17 Sep, 2020 05:27am

    Pleeease (

  • Glen Harry commented
    9 Sep, 2020 12:52am

    Having a multiple select function to be able to apply classes to multiple elements all at once would be a god send. Feels very odd to not be able to shift click multiple objects on a screen.

  • Michael commented
    9 Aug, 2020 07:45pm

    Yes! Much needed!

  • Josh Name commented
    9 Aug, 2020 11:49am


  • Mary Lin commented
    25 Jul, 2020 10:45pm


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