Multi-select elements

Within Webflow Designer's canvas, add the ability to select multiple elements for bulk actions such as changing the class, editing styling and settings, copying, and delete.

  • Jason Zucchetto
  • Jan 11 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Kishrei Teufa commented
    13 May 12:47pm

    Multiple select - and place in a new div (just like "New folder with selection" in MacOS)

  • Hossein Boroji commented
    18 Apr 04:42am

    This is a MUST feature, takes way to long to select single items one by one

  • Liam McGivney commented
    11 Apr 05:33pm

    Let's go!!

  • DailyBot Inc commented
    7 Apr 04:37pm

    This feature has been requested on and off for at least 8 years, are there any signs that they will build this eventually?

  • Walter Nienhuis commented
    4 Apr 07:36pm

    I often create multiple DIVs for placement within a grid or something else. I would love to be able to bulk select all of them at once to create and name with a new classification without having to individually select each one and type in the new class several times.

  • Lucas commented
    3 Apr 03:34pm

    Yes! This would be so good! The other feature that would be incredible to have is hiding elements.

  • Benjamin Fortunato commented
    3 Mar 01:49pm

    Essential time saving feature. Not sexy, but sometimes its the simple things that make a program powerfull.

  • Bryan Smith commented
    2 Feb 10:14pm

    What is the reason for this not being created? Would be nice to hear that it's in the pipeline at least.

  • Sibonginkosi Magagula commented
    21 Jan 04:00pm

    I'm surprised this is still not a feature... It's such a pain. Please Webflow Dev team

  • Daniel El Agha commented
    24 Dec, 2021 05:49pm

    would save a lot of time. thanks.

  • Benja commented
    17 Dec, 2021 12:38pm

    This is really needed!

  • Garrett Chavez commented
    25 Nov, 2021 06:03am

    We need this essential feature please..!
    Ability to Shift + Click a range of elements or Ctrl + Click individual random elements and to move them from or to another element is a must.

  • Client PorterProMedia commented
    18 Nov, 2021 12:46am

    Shocked this is not already a feature. Guess I better start applying one by one because this is gonna take a while!

  • Caroline Montcharmont commented
    15 Oct, 2021 09:07am

    Need it absolutely

  • Anebi Agbo commented
    14 Aug, 2021 06:37am

    Definitely a feature that would be awesome!

  • Benjamín Saravia commented
    9 Aug, 2021 03:37pm


    I have to select and apply classes one by one, please, please Webflow, I just started using the platform and this one feels basic 🙏

  • Pascal Holm commented
    15 Jun, 2021 03:28pm

    This is silly now, its basic stuff to multiple select and edit. COME ON webflow

  • Keven Lupien commented
    11 May, 2021 05:12pm

    I believe this has been requested since 2014. It would be great if you could edit when multiple items are selected but as MVP even if it was just to move and delete items that would be a huge improvement.

  • Webtech AG commented
    30 Apr, 2021 03:29pm

    We really need this.

  • Constantine Georgiadis commented
    23 Apr, 2021 01:17am

    I have carpal tunnel. The absence of this feature forces me to repeat actions ad nauseum when trying to e.g. customize a template. This is a dealbreaker.

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