Ability to add images to the CMS from the Asset Manager

When adding images to a collection within the designer, you have the ability to choose existing images which have already been uploaded via the asset manager in addition to the current ability to upload new images.

  • Craig Teel
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Sean Horvath commented
    2 Sep 06:19pm

    Weird that it isn't, particularly because you can add images to the Design Assets via API. Which is why the API includes a field to add the alt. text (I use Make to automate via API, I don't code), but that field does nothing with the alt. text you add if the image is being sent to a CMS collection field.

    AKA if this feature existed (1) it would it ensure our images are always easily compressed and (2) we could eliminate an entire extra CMS form field for EVERY IMAGE on the template or used elsewhere dynamically on static pages.

    It is not crazy inefficient that an Image being added to CMS requires two fields just because of the alt. text. unless you feel like wasting time adding them manually to the images in Designer?!

    Hello, Webflow — I thought part of the brand mission was about quick and efficient website development? Because there are two rather high priority UI features that directly impact achieving Webflow brand goals.

    Particularly strange for a site so otherwise focused on UI/UX for both the designer and subsequent website visitors.


  • Stevie Lee commented
    23 Aug 02:24pm
    Absolutely ridiculous that this feature hasn't always existed. This is a fundamental feature of any content management system. Can't get it!
  • Niels Bakhuis commented
    2 Aug 10:51am

    I'm hoping this function, along with other simple editing features that should've been added a long time ago, will be released or at least talked about at the Webflow Conference in October. 🥴

  • Wadim Suslow commented
    31 Jul 07:38pm

    Can't believe this was not done yet. Come on!

  • Keegan Robinson commented
    16 Jun 03:41pm

    If this could get added it would be really helpful. I have to imagine it'd also reduce the storage space needed for sites since I've had to add the same image multiple times in different spots when I could have referenced the same one from the media library.

  • Alejandro Blaas commented
    11 Jun 09:07am

    6 years since opened...

  • Tracy Dungo commented
    6 Jun 05:31pm

    Come on team let's get this done.

  • Johanna Maijgren commented
    20 Apr 09:35am

    We really needs this!

  • Jason Rozander commented
    18 Apr 09:26pm

    Please add this feature. Wordpress could do this in 2003.

  • Convincible Media commented
    17 Apr 10:00pm

    How can this not already be a feature?

  • Stof Hofer commented
    17 Apr 03:33pm

    Yes, please bridge this sloppy gap. :-(

  • Daniel commented
    16 Apr 03:11am

    Please add this. Nearly 500 votes.

  • Alexander Engl commented
    12 Apr 09:46am

    How is this not a feature after 5 years?

  • Deveb .co commented
    28 Mar 05:39am

    This is a really important feature we need immediately.

  • Kurtis Allen commented
    23 Mar 03:33pm

    Some of the limitations in Webflow – like this one – make me miss Wordpress.

  • Amanda Jus commented
    9 Mar 09:42am

    The fact that we can't find all the images added in the project inside the Assets Panel is actually very frustrating and as commented bellow, the workarounds are very time consuming.

  • Brandon West commented
    1 Mar 11:18pm

    This vote was from 6 years ago now. Maybe this year will be the year they add this feature. Fingers crossed

  • Tony Peacock commented
    11 Feb 01:31pm

    I agree that this is a feature that should have already been implemented. With the ability to compress files in the asset manager, it is even more valuable. Please prioritize this as the workarounds are very time consuming.

  • MR D. commented
    22 Jan 09:34pm

    I spent the weekend learning and experimenting with Webflow. Despite my love for the tool, I was disappointed to find that certain features, such as the ability to select previously uploaded assets within the CMS page template, are not supported.

  • Diamond Dan commented
    3 Jan 09:35pm

    HOW IS THIS NOT A FEATURE! Unbelievable. It's such a basic thing I don't understand

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