Ability to add images to the CMS from the Asset Manager

When adding images to a collection within the designer, you have the ability to choose existing images which have already been uploaded via the asset manager in addition to the current ability to upload new images.

  • Craig Teel
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Paras Shah commented
    8 Dec, 2021 12:58am

    This is very much needed..

  • Jeremy Basham commented
    18 Nov, 2021 04:36pm

    Yes, please! Just getting started with Webflow (long-time WordPress'r) and building my first database collection and immediately hit this hurdle. Really need the ability to add images from my media library!

  • Paul Oram commented
    17 Nov, 2021 03:36pm

    You've got to see things from our client's perspective as well as from your target audience (designer's like myself) - this is the sort of mundane issue that can really put them off.

  • Mellissa commented
    16 Nov, 2021 10:35am

    I feel like crying. Please let us know when this will work?

  • Adrian Fernandez commented
    24 Oct, 2021 08:54pm

    It would be great to bind a whole folder from assets galleries to multi-image fields or likns from uploaded images from the galleries. And all alt text for SEO. Thank you.

  • Ranger Turner commented
    13 Oct, 2021 11:54pm

    Am new user. Prior to purchasing CMS I prepared by uploading properly sized images to asset folders with the intent of having 1 asset folder per project page (it's a portfolio). I just got CMS and was planning on using the asset folders but will now have to re-upload everything to the CMS multi-image drop boxes. It seems I'm not the only person who instinctively uploads stuff there first (see other commenters). If you guys don't plan on fixing it, at least put a loud warning text in the asset manager upload "CAN'T USE FOR CMS-- [ ] check to not see warning again"

  • Emilie Ho commented
    4 Oct, 2021 02:23am

    My use case for this is that I have already uploaded all the profile pictures into the asset manager when I built an About Us page, and I'd like to re-use all of them for the blog's author profile picture. Re-uploading them into the CMS for every blog post is one thing, but I'm concerned if it would make the site load slower? Would anyone have an answer on this?

  • Yarek Waszul commented
    16 Sep, 2021 12:40am

    Is there an ETA on this? Webflow checks all the boxes for my client except this feature. It's required.

  • Design | TEAM23 commented
    18 Aug, 2021 12:13pm

    Needs to happen!

  • Philipp von Rohden commented
    12 Aug, 2021 07:36pm

    This feature would make things much more efficient! Please add this if there is a chance! In addition to images I'd love to be able to add Lottie animations from the asset manager. Many thanks!

  • Mario P. commented
    11 Aug, 2021 10:25pm

    Hi Webflow,

    Are there any updates on this feature?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Admin Hof Lebensberg commented
    11 Aug, 2021 07:38pm

    I just uploaded 80 images to asset manager, just to find out I can't use them in a collection. NICE!

    What is this? This is a no-brainer. Please fix it.

  • Kelvin Lin commented
    29 Jul, 2021 12:44pm

    It's frustrating that this isn't already a feature. It makes updating images and working on live sites pretty time consuming having to track down everywhere an image is used.

  • Ignacio González Caminero commented
    10 Jun, 2021 12:49am

    The fact that this is not an option is actually a deal breaker...

  • Nathalie commented
    8 Jun, 2021 01:18pm

    Please do it

  • Laura Kim commented
    7 Jun, 2021 03:51pm

    How is this not yet built?

  • Power Ledger commented
    14 May, 2021 06:15am

    I'm actually in shock this hasn't been added yet....4 years later!!

  • Hyuna Lee commented
    5 Apr, 2021 02:24am

    How come this isn't a default feature already! Please help us ;)

  • Nick Romanos commented
    22 Mar, 2021 07:27pm

    Be sure to add the ability to designate image alt tags too! Critical for SEO/accessibility!

  • Jon Burdon commented
    8 Mar, 2021 08:58am

    I'm new to Webflow having used a lot of competitor systems. I'm a bit stunned to find this is not part of the UI... PLEASE can webflow give an update on where this feature is on the roadmap...

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