Ability to add images to the CMS from the Asset Manager

When adding images to a collection within the designer, you have the ability to choose existing images which have already been uploaded via the asset manager in addition to the current ability to upload new images.

  • Craig Teel
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Stu Smith commented
    27 May 05:33pm

    Sharing assets will only help performance scores for Webflow and clear unnecessary redundancies in the users' cache. For example, I am creating about bios collection and the images I am using for pics are on another page.

  • Tanvir Maker commented
    26 May 05:35pm

    Doesn't makes sense without it.

  • Rob Eades commented
    21 May 10:50am

    This would be incredibly useful! Having to upload new images for each field is so repetitive - especially when it's the same image!

  • Alfonso Mootoo commented
    3 May 11:30am

    This is so important!

  • Thomas Estess commented
    23 Apr 04:16pm

    Please implement this!

  • Torben Zenk commented
    21 Apr 06:06pm

    I have also seen a wish for defining alt text for images in CMS. This wish would solve this as well. Maybe this should be merged.

  • Nicolas Aguirre commented
    5 Apr 03:44pm

    We've been waiting for this feature for three years. Is it going to happen? I love Webflow but there's some features I really would love to see sooner rather than later

  • Nick Jones commented
    16 Mar 02:44am

    Considering the great lengths Webflow goes to get their Designer so impeccably right—how is this not such an obvious thing to have by now (3 years later?)

  • Luke Tulley commented
    24 Jan 09:36pm

    Surely this should be merged into 'Better Asset Management' seen as though its fundamentally what we're wanting to achieve?


  • World Class commented
    26 Nov, 2019 04:18pm

    Ability to add images to the CMS from the Asset Manager, C'mon...

  • Thomas Mordasky commented
    17 Jun, 2019 08:43pm

    Since this has been here for 2 years I assume it's not happening?

  • Glenn Eastland commented
    4 Jun, 2019 08:32am

    Critical. Clients also need to manage (link to and upload) the Assets!!!

  • Rob Satrom commented
    19 Dec, 2018 07:04pm

    This needs to happen... especially how much work it takes to get lean versions of images to use... if left tot he client, they will upload giant images every time... NO GOOD! I batch upload a set of images that have been optimized when we build in wordpress - should be standard option here plese.  LOVE webflow!

  • Webtech AG commented
    14 Dec, 2018 04:33pm

    no way of overwriting assets and automatically update the site? seriously?

    it's pushing 2019 here and... - come on guys, keep up the great work, DO IT!! PLEEEEEEEASE!!


  • Eduardo Delavega commented
    28 Jun, 2018 07:05pm

    When mass importing a CSV file of 700+ products into the CMS, it would have be convenient to upload all images into the Asset Manager first, and then reference them through the CSV file by name/url when uploading to the CMS. Instead this was done manually, not very ideal. Please consider this feature.

  • Randy Stephens commented
    24 Apr, 2018 06:38pm

    Would love to see this moved up somehow. I've not yet tried it, will shortly, but when one uploads a photo into the CMS, does it get moved into the Assets Manager? Which would then not be available from the CMS ha. If so, does it duplicate/override uploads? Anywho, this needs an option to Vote +100.

  • PS Werbung commented
    12 Apr, 2018 05:32am

    A no brainer, isn't it? 

  • Cameron Roe commented
    30 Aug, 2017 12:52am


  • David Egerton commented
    10 Apr, 2017 01:08pm

    Just had this problem, seems very odd you cannot choose an image from asset manager and are forced to upload an image each time

  • Ed Bini commented
    6 Apr, 2017 12:25am

    Of course another one that never made sense why it just wasn't there like that.

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