Ability to add images to the CMS from the Asset Manager

When adding images to a collection within the designer, you have the ability to choose existing images which have already been uploaded via the asset manager in addition to the current ability to upload new images.

  • Craig Teel
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Steven Maas commented
    17 Nov 11:37am

    This is currently deal-breaking for our organization and discouraging us to move over 50 websites to this platform.

    Micromanaging images in separate folders only to find out your can't use them later is dissatisfying to say the least.

  • Rjukan Events commented
    8 Nov 11:49am

    Come onn!!!!

  • BC commented
    5 Oct 11:16am

    Just basic! Please fix asap

  • FireForge commented
    27 Sep 11:51pm

    100%. I just uploaded some images to the Assets tab expecting to be able to use them in my CMS collection, only to discover that there is no way to use those images and I have to upload them again.

  • William Barton commented
    19 Sep 10:52pm

    Such a basic function, yall got your priorities crooked.

  • Sebastian Frommberger commented
    18 Aug 11:29am

    It´s just a small feature but I couldn´t agree more. The images we upload directly into the assets folder are curated and optimized but when an editor has to upload it by himself we are missing the control over the image quality and content

  • Sheryl Tullis commented
    16 Aug 08:19pm

    This is an essential feature for our sites. It creates a lot of rework to upload images each time and makes no sense to duplicate file storage. Please please please add this asap!

  • Flow Bies commented
    16 Aug 01:43pm

    It's very much needed, Please get an update on this feature.

  • Nueces Webmaster commented
    30 Jul 12:21am

    I'd love this feature. I added images to my asset manager from another machine, but I need to have them added to my CMS collection now. Only way to do this is download all of these images to my machines then reupload them to the collection. This can be easily solved by adding an asset manager picker to the image upload option in CMS

  • Phone Burner commented
    26 Jul 02:54pm

    Can we please get an update on this feature?

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    21 Jul 04:42pm

    I'm working on my first Webflow project for a client and ran into this issue within the first hour of development. I'll join the chorus, this is a critical feature for anyone using collections.

  • Brian O'Carroll commented
    20 Jul 08:48pm

    Yes, I'd like this. Even if it actually means that the image is copied from the Asset Manager to the location where the CMS needs it. It's a matter of the images in the Asset Manager being the best source to go to, rather than back to where I got those images from which is a fragmented set of collections (I'm a photographer!).

  • Jeff Rubenstein commented
    29 May 06:33pm

    This seems like basic functionality and it's somewhat shocking that this isn't part of Webflow's capabilities.

  • Jonathan commented
    19 Apr 12:39pm

    it looks like it has been almost two years since the first comment in this thread. Does web flow have a policy of not responding to wishlist threads? I’m surprised not to see any response from web flow on this…

  • Emiel van Lieshout commented
    6 Apr 08:24am

    Basic need, should be in there.

  • Caroline Sober-James commented
    5 Apr 02:15pm

    I 100% agree with this -- Webflow does so many things SO WELL, and then you'll get these things that are total headscratchers. Why is this not built yet?

    Beyond just the Editors being able to access the Media Library via the CMS, they need that ability when managing on-page images in the WYSIWYG interface, too. Even if it's just a separate folder or sequestered area for Editor uploads. I have an Editor who's uploaded variations of the same image multiple times because she has no other recourse. That's a waste of storage and a mess for people in the Designer to wade through just to manage the back end. Please add better image management for Editors ASAP!

  • Ollie Law commented
    31 Mar 08:41pm

    This morning marks 100% of my clients that want this feature. I do not understand why they can't just turn this on in the Editor and add a list or folder option for clients to access? Please get on it Webflow, you guys need to be focusing on the basics before the big moves.

  • Tim deSilva commented
    8 Mar 06:51pm

    How is this not a feature?

  • Zek Ze commented
    10 Feb 12:03am

    Essential and vital

  • Paras Shah commented
    8 Dec, 2021 12:58am

    This is very much needed..

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