Ability to add images to the CMS from the Asset Manager

When adding images to a collection within the designer, you have the ability to choose existing images which have already been uploaded via the asset manager in addition to the current ability to upload new images.

  • Craig Teel
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Daniel Gouldman commented
    9 Jul 02:31pm

    Insane that the CMS (a feature that's built for ease of use and controlled prod environment) can't grab images that have already been processed and greenlit within Webflow.

  • Shane O'Donnell commented
    21 Jun 11:06am

    Client asking me for this again

  • Seth Newsome commented
    16 Jun 11:38pm

    This really increases the amount of work, both upfront in uploading and organizing images, then later in maintaining and keeping things organized. It would be so, so much more efficient to integrate all assets. While I really have loved learning about Webflow and what I can create with it, including the CMS, this seems like a really large feature to be left unconsidered and untouched for over 7 years now. Not very confidence inspiring.

  • Ryan Davidson commented
    28 May 04:55pm

    This is an accessibility failure. Alt-text for assets are added from the asset manager. However images added to CMS posts do not have alt text nor any way to add it. That means critical accessibility features are missing from Webflow.

  • TIES Research commented
    10 May 02:45pm

    Very much needed feature! I do not want to upload the images that are already there!

  • Harold Brema commented
    6 May 10:35am


  • Luc B commented
    1 May 08:12pm

    Serious? Did I just payed a huge subscription without this feature?

  • Marsha Tudor commented
    1 May 07:34pm

    Yes please!!!!!

  • Ash commented
    27 Mar 10:11pm

    You're kidding? How has webflow even grown to this size without this feature? I keep coming back every 2 years and finally decided to go ahead with a project thinking Webflow is cooked enough.

    Yet here we are. Basic basic basic feature, which devs have been notified of from 2017.

    Does Webflow even care?

  • Alan McDonnell commented
    7 Mar 08:28pm

    While running through a client handover the other day, I was left completely red faced when someone asked “and I assume we can just add pictures from the media library?”

    I have sold the concept of Webflow to a number of clients over the years, but issues like this keep coming up and makes justifying remaining on the platform and paying for annual renewals more difficult. I love Webflow, but I feel this is an oversight that needs to be addressed.

  • Sean McArthur commented
    29 Feb 10:23pm

    Yes please - this is an essential addition to CMS functionallity.

  • Scott Macpherson commented
    18 Feb 04:45pm

    Please get this working!

  • Luke Earnshaw commented
    14 Feb 12:46pm

    Uploaded 200 images into various organised folders to now realise I can't simply select them? Now have to re-upload them and they end up anywhere 😩

  • Petter Gustavsen commented
    31 Jan 11:50am

    Let's get these basics working asap 🚀.

  • Holly Barry Bobula commented
    15 Jan 04:57am

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE, for the love of God. 🙏 Webflow is so awesome at so many things, but it is just unfathomable we can't do this.

  • Lydia Krogh commented
    29 Dec, 2023 06:40pm

    I cannot add images from assets to CMS nor can I add alt text in the CMS panel to a single image (however, I can add alt text to multi-images). Without this feature I can't make my website fully accessible even on the CMS plan.

  • OVA Architects commented
    12 Dec, 2023 10:26pm

    come on

  • Michael Radke commented
    28 Nov, 2023 11:34am

    6 years later and it's still not a thing... why

  • Lucian Chevallier commented
    15 Nov, 2023 08:07am

    This would be a great feature 🙌🏻 yes please!

  • Susi Brydon commented
    1 Nov, 2023 11:41pm

    I'm reiterating the sentiment from everyone below. i can't believe this is not a feature in the CMS...!!

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