Add API for Listing, Edit and Copy Pages including to other Sites

As a Developer I wish to automate between project template moves. The goal is to separate development and live system into two projects and when everything is tested run a script to migrate the templates for a final review before publishing on the live website.

Right now the possible workflows:

  1. Copy-Paste Pages between projects:
    Requires manual work and clean-up, furthermore does not work with additional data like SEO, Custom Scripts.

  2. Use a single project but publish carefully:
    Limits the abilities of change, essentially cannot do major changes without breaking the production when publishing a single content which may have been updated with new changes in mind.

It would be really nice to have an API endpoint where the pages could be listed from existing sites and patched using the reference of an already exist page, including the CMS Collection pages and the fields.

I believe this would be a great fit to webflow as it would still control the source using the Designer, but adds the capability to develop and migrate individual pages using completely separated environments.

What I have in mind specifically:

  • GET /sites/580e63e98c9a982ac9b8b741/pages
    List Metadata (URL, SEO, Custom Blocks) of existing pages

  • GET /sites/580e63e98c9a982ac9b8b741/pages/82ac9b8580e63e
    List Metadata (URL, SEO, Custom Blocks) of a specific page

  • POST /sites/9a982ac9b8b741580e63e98c/pages
    Create a page using a reference like: 580e63e98c9a982ac9b8b741-82ac9b8580e63e

  • UPDATE/PATCH /sites/9a982ac9b8b741580e63e98c/pages/c9b8580e682a3e
    Update Metadata or Copy the source of another page using a
    reference like: 580e63e98c9a982ac9b8b741-82ac9b8580e63e

  • DELETE /sites/9a982ac9b8b741580e63e98c/pages/c9b8580e682a3e
    Remove a page from a site

  • Adam Liszkai
  • Jul 5 2020
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  • Louve Louve commented
    22 Nov, 2021 10:54am

    How is not available right now? That's the main use of a CMS api I can think of.

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