Integration With ShapeWays

ShapeWays is a manufacturing service which already offers on-demand manufacturing of goods through Etsy and Shopify to store owners selling things such as custom jewelry, desktop decorations, various tools, artistic pieces, and more. After the integration with Printful, I began looking into the viability of creating passing avenues for my future ecomm store, and found out about ShapeWays. With my love of CAD designing and how incredibly competent Webflow has been, I do think it'd be a viable second option to expand on those partnerships. With the merchandise & textiles of Printful paired with the on-demand manufacturing & fulfillment of ShapeWays, Webflow could be made a more potential alternative for entrepreneurs interested in running a broader set of dropshipped merchandise to make extra income without hassle.

  • Cameron Frye
  • Jul 12 2020
  • Reviewed