Nested lists in rich text

Need to be able to have more than one tier of bullets for creating outlines in the rich text editor. Bonus points = allow designer to configure the bullet symbols for the entire site so editors stay in the design of the site.

  • List item
  • List item
    • Nested list item
    • Nested list item
  • Murray Heidebrecht
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Maarten Mieras commented
    6 May 01:11pm

    It's 2022! Let's implement this 'feature' that is available since the beginning of the internet..

  • Alex Dixon commented
    14 Apr 12:29pm

    It's pretty embarrassing having to tell a client that they can't do this on Webflow 😬

  • Marc Baskin commented
    8 Feb 01:32am

    Astounded this still hasn't been done ... 5 years later?! Its not like Webflow is cheap or anything, and this is a basic feature of even the cheapest ancient CMS tools. just wow.

  • Zac Toler commented
    4 Feb 11:42pm

    Possible work around; using "em" in lists to create the nested items


    $('rich_text ul li > em').each(function () {



  • Jeremiah Smith commented
    20 Jan 08:07pm

    Really? Still not possible? This is suuuuuuper basic and very unfortunate it's not possible in WF.

  • Peter Blatchford commented
    6 Jan 11:31am

    Who's up for coming back on the 31st to celebrate the 5th birthday of this one?

  • Dan commented
    7 Dec, 2021 05:20pm

    4 years have past. Still missinging the "increase indent" functionality that is basic to every other web editor on the market (including this comments RTE).

  • Peter Blatchford commented
    26 Nov, 2021 08:53pm
    • Why

      • Can't

        • We

          • Do

            • This

              • Yet?

  • Zhong Hui Tee commented
    17 Nov, 2021 04:56am

    can't even do nested list inside cms with rich text field. :(

  • Zhong Hui Tee commented
    17 Nov, 2021 04:53am

    this function is important~ Need this especially for content such as Privacy.

  • Zoe "Pixie" commented
    16 Nov, 2021 11:11pm

    ...this was posted in 2017 and it's late 2021 and we still don't have this? Why is such a basic feature still missing?

  • Matt commented
    25 Aug, 2021 08:03am

    Another day working with Webflow and another discovery of a basic feature that is missing.

  • Magdalena Weiss commented
    21 Jun, 2021 03:26pm

    Please update this basic feature - it's a must. Thanks!

  • Shawn Carrié commented
    21 May, 2021 04:51pm


  • Duetto Marketing commented
    12 May, 2021 04:42pm

    it is 2021. please guys implement this. clients are asking for this.

    we need it in the CMS body text. also the possibility of changing text color

  • Aditya Rao commented
    27 Apr, 2021 04:33am

    This is such a basic thing, why is this not available by default!

  • Sara Steinle commented
    26 Apr, 2021 03:18pm

    Clients often ask for this

  • Chuck Bloom commented
    18 Nov, 2020 11:18pm

    +1 for me. This is pretty much a function of most WYSIWYG editor

    • Even this comments

      • editor can

        • do it

    • Why not

      • use an editor

        • like this one

          • as the Rich Text Block?

  • Lisa Richards commented
    14 Oct, 2020 02:46am

    This needs to be part of the rich text editor and also available for collaborators within rich text.

  • Bob commented
    12 Aug, 2020 02:14am
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