Make it easier to click inside the Style Selector when adding more combo classes (give us more than 1px!)

Why does Webflow only give us like 1 pixel of clicking space when you have combo classes to add?

For example, if I have a combo class and the names happen to be long enough to get close to the States dropdown arrow, about 99% of the time that I try to click in between the arrow and the last class, I end up clicking the States dropdown arrow instead of the Combo Class dropdown.

I'm not even exaggerating about it being a click area of like 1px. It takes so many extra frustrating clicks just to get the combo class dropdown.

PLEASE make the click area of the States dropdown match the size of that button (18px) and give us the full 10px of empty space between those to actually be able to click between them in order to get the combo classes dropdown.


Admin Note:
Press CMD+Enter when element is selected and then you can add additional classes to the selected element.

  • Jake Spirek
  • Jul 14 2020
  • Already exists
  • JM Kriz commented
    16 Jul, 2020 07:14pm

    Just click the little computer icon to the left of the classes under the word "Selector".

  • Jake Spirek commented
    14 Jul, 2020 05:17pm

    Current workaround that I just learned: CMD+Enter when the element is selected will bring it up. Thanks Ben Parker! :)