Ability to export and then re-import archive of Webflow site

It would be nice to be able to export past webflow projects and then re-import them at a later time should you need it again. I'm not suggesting the import of arbitrary html/css/js. Also ok if the format is proprietary, just want to be able to archive old projects.

  • Es Lel
  • Feb 1 2017
  • Corey Schwartz commented
    April 21, 2017 19:50

    I too would like to have this feature.  Our use case is the contractor developing the site uses Webflow.  When they complete their work I want to have a complete copy of the site stored locally.  If ever we need to hire a new contractor, I can't loose access to the existing work.  A proprietary format is fine, just need to be able to import/export.

  • James Preston commented
    July 17, 2018 11:25

    Need this!