Symbol override by using CMS fields

It would be great to have the functionality of overriding the symbols content pulling the data from a cms collection.

It would create the chance to generate a system of reusable components in several pages and update style adjustments whilst adding multilingual content from the CMS without hardcoding manualy the data from the editor.

It like some sort of opportunity to create multilingual symbol templates.

  • Cristiam Da Silva
  • Jul 17 2020
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  • Alan Alston commented
    30 May, 2022 06:23pm

    Yes this would be great. Symbols already use fields to display data within them; surely the fields can be linked to data within the CMS? All the scaffolding is already right there, waiting!

  • Stanley Idesis commented
    27 Apr, 2022 07:55pm


  • Max Morawski commented
    15 Apr, 2022 07:38pm

    @Lorrie LeJeune no need to rebuild -- insert your symbol elsewhere on the page, right-click on it and select 'Unlink Instance', then move it within the collection. Still unfortunate we have to do it, but less work this way.

  • Lorrie LeJeune commented
    27 Feb, 2022 07:31pm

    This one would be very useful and I'm surprised that this is not a feature. I often need to reuse the same component inside different collection lists (take a blog thumbnail as an example). Right now it's not possible to add a symbol to a collection list, so I have to rebuild it from scratch each time.

  • Clemens Lode commented
    3 Oct, 2021 10:07pm

    This would help me.

    I have a "Featured Posts" symbol on a static project landing page. Being able to access the selected item would help me to show only posts relating to this particular landing page.

    Alternatively, being able to override filter fields without putting the symbol into a collected list would help, too :)

    Currently, the only two options I have are to make generic landing pages and add a lot of switches/parameters to the project, or to copy&paste a lot.

  • Soraya Demmers commented
    14 Sep, 2021 01:22pm

    This is a must have

  • Jason Ables commented
    19 Aug, 2021 11:53pm

    This would be a game changer for me.

    Consider the following use case....

    We'll use the excellent Webflow video on overriding symbol content here:

    In that video, they show the value of being able to override the content in symbols by changing the image, testimonial quote.

    That's great ... except that you have to manually update each symbol.

    Imagine that information is stored, instead, in a Testimonials collection in the CMS.

    Ideally, we should be able to create a reusable testimonial symbol that we could also populate with the data from the Testimonials collection in the CMS.

    Consider the user case where maybe you have a Testimonials section for each product line or service line of a company. In that scenario, maybe the Collection List is being filtered by the Product or Service. In that case, you might have the Testimonial Cards (symbols) being used on different pages representing each Product or Service.

    This would be a major help!

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