Include Printify Integration just like Printful!

Peace & Blessings! It would be awesome to have some feature integrations with Printify, very similar to how you all created the Printful integration for the e-Commerce! I would love to be able to have orders setup in that exact same way, where everything is automatically ported over & processed through the POD (print-on-demand) service. I know that there are so many options for these types of services, & that Printful is a popular one, so I am thankful for that! However, I think it'd be awesome to continue expanding upon those options, & make Printify the next solution integrated for e-commerce!

  • Sean Young
  • Jul 22 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Ben Gordon commented
    28 Nov, 2021 06:38pm

    This would be a tremendous way to help streamline the D2C flow and let us brands focus on the creative side of the house - please integrate

  • Ted Billups commented
    25 Jul, 2021 08:52pm

    I'd move from my site from shopify to webflow. thanks for considering this feature.

  • Hagop Najarian commented
    2 Jul, 2021 10:44pm

    this would be a life changer!

  • Brandon Tyler Fertig commented
    23 Dec, 2020 09:49pm

    yes please

  • Hagop Najarian commented
    29 Nov, 2020 06:41am

    This would be great!

  • Yuvā Kalā commented
    7 Nov, 2020 04:11am

    Please! I had Printify integrated to my Wix website but changed to Webflow and I havent been able to sell my merch all year... :'(

  • Kevin Wessa commented
    16 Aug, 2020 09:06pm

    100% for this!

  • James McKay commented
    23 Jul, 2020 03:03pm

    throwing my hand up for Printify Intergration. thx.

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