Embedded Legal Templates

Creation of competent, embedded legal templates which can be added to a Webflow site for young businesses. One of the most unrecognized yet useful functions of Shopify is the ability to "generate" the necessary legal documents to run your store with no more than simply adding in your business's name to the parentheses and changing a few other minor details to the document. For young businesses especially, the practicality of this function is vast. Adding a function to embed premade privacy policies, terms of service, and other documents could help prove a simple luxury that makes Webflow more desirable to novice entrepreneurs who don't have the capital to hire a lawyer for something more personalized.

  • Cameron Frye
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Addison Leo commented
    10 Aug, 2020 07:00am

    One of Shopify's previously unknown but useful functions is the ability to "generate" the necessary legal documents to manage your store with no more than simply adding in your business name to parentheses and changing the details a little more to the document. I will open this page. For even young entrepreneurs, the importance of this service is broad.

  • Jaylen Willingham commented
    5 Aug, 2020 10:48am

    I am running into this issue right now! It's a project of its own to read and understand the different policies needed for a website. It's expensive to pay for policies generated by a third-party and then integrate them into Weblflow, let alone if they're limited on the design customization. I really wish they had a partnership with a company like Iubenda to include in the site/ecommerce plan cost (FREE would be awesome!). If I'm creating a different site for each of my clients, they will have different policies. As the webmaster and/or designer, perhaps we have policy creation as an account premium service that I can apply across ALL of my projects.

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