Add Stripe payment field option in Form elements

This would be useful for those that create forms on websites that would require a payment to complete the form. It would minimize the need to embed code snippets from Stripe Checkout. (I've attached the kind of form field that can be used. Webflow already use this for there own payments)

It would also simplify the process of receiving payments without the need of too much info (eg donations or payments for a service, etc).

I believe many would find this useful if they are just starting out and don't have knowledge of using Stripe API or using the Stripe Checkout.

In the settings for the element, you can set the amount for the payment or allow the use of user-generated choice for donation, etc.

Having this as a form field would also allow you to complete a form submission with a payment. This will show as a payment field or whatever the Webflow creator chooses to name the field. And the confirmation will be either success or failed.

In addition, completion of the form with a payment can redirect to a custom successful or failed payment page followed by transactional emails similar to what can be done with the e-commerce option already available.

  • Michael
  • Aug 9 2020
  • Reviewed