PLEASE STOP randomly changing data-wf-page="#s" on exports

User Story:

As a subscribing user who exports files in order to upload on NON-webflow hosting, I want the data-wf-page="#s" to remain unchanged over time, so that I do not have to spend precious time going to every page to update them.

I love and use Webflow nearly every day! But I don't have the Webflow hosting due to my custom data base needs. Each time I export, I would like to have the data-wf-page "#s" stay the same. It is a waste of my time when I have to go to each of the pages on my site and replace these ID #s with new ones to keep all JS interactions working. Such a pain. Please make it so the data-wf-page="#s" persist. This is my only complaint, Team Webflow.

  • Troy Douglas
  • Aug 15 2020
  • Reviewed