Pre-order for Ecommerce

Pre-order for ecommerce when you have a product coming soon, and you want to get a monetary OR non-monetary commitment OR simply a notification for a buyer to purchase an item.

  • Hiranga Goonawardena
  • Aug 28 2020
  • Behzad Pournaghi commented
    16 Oct 08:50am

    Defenitly YES, can I vote 10 times for this? This is very helpful for artist to crowdfund for their albums or any other upcoming products.

  • Lindsey commented
    9 Oct 12:46pm

    YES THIS IS SO CRUCIAL to new store owners, I really don't want to rebuild in Shopify just for this feature

  • Eavan English commented
    15 Sep 06:50am

    Yes, this is really necessary to have on an ecommerce site

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