Increase editing control of ecommerce confirmation emails

I am using ecommerce to manage online donations for a UN agency. Our products are donation levels. As such they don't have or need images associated with them.

For the most part the system has worked extremely well. I've been able to style the checkout and confirmation pages to a very refined degree, but was disappointed when it came to the confirmation email template, which offered no design access. I understand how tricky and not-fun it is to design HTML email templates, having done this myself for clients -- you have to use tables, custom fonts are harder, etc etc. So it's not that I want to spend more time on that aspect.

My issue is that without an image for the product, the email template defaults to a broken image placeholder. My only option for a workaround is to go back and upload transparent png's for all my donation levels. But even then, the table cell for the default image doesn't go away and stays at a fixed size, throwing off the layout.

If not full editing control of the email, I would appreciate being able to clear out the broken placeholder image that makes it look like something is wrong with our system.

  • Adrian Macdonald
  • Aug 31 2020
  • Reviewed