Add AVIF image format

AVIF is a new image format derived from the keyframes of AV1 video. It's a royalty-free format, and it's already supported in Chrome 85 on desktop.

It's ridiculously light compared to JPEG, and it would bring massive performance improvement to our websites.

Here's a detailed comparison with different image formats like JPEG, PNG, WebP, etc:
AVIF has landed

  • Teo Decu
  • Sep 9 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Alex Clark commented
    2 May 07:11pm

    Hello, have you ever heard of the ASF format? It's a video format, so when I downloaded a video from the site, it was in ASF. Thankfully I have already found an ASF converter to work with such videos. By the way, I want to say that their size is much smaller than the same mp4, it's interesting....

  • Adrian Mrósk commented
    27 Apr 01:13am

    It’s 2024, and this has only 103 votes 💀 I’m sure it’s not a big deal to unlock an additional file format to allow us to get a better site performance. Many major websites already use AVIF, i.e. Unsplash.

  • Rocket Hall of Fame commented
    9 Mar 01:36am

    Please support AVIF.

  • Ben Biazar commented
    27 Aug, 2023 06:41am

    Why Webflow won't support AVIF after 3 years?

  • Philip Stancil commented
    6 May, 2023 08:17pm

    This seems obvious.

  • Brent Lagerman commented
    20 Jan, 2023 07:40pm

    AVIF has browser compatibility PLEASE allow uploads into collection items !! :D

  • Ben Biazar commented
    31 Dec, 2022 02:20am

    I converted my JPG files to WebP. I found the quality of WebP is so bad, even if you put %100 quality. I regret that I converted all my assets to WebP and I want to turn them to JPG for now.

    But AVIF has a better quality and result.

    If you are an artist and want to show your portfolio don't convert your files to WebP for any reason.

  • Tyler Joseph commented
    25 Aug, 2022 04:50am

    This would be so helpful

  • Tyler Joseph commented
    19 Jul, 2022 10:04am

    Smaller files than webp

  • Claude Robert Lefort commented
    16 Jul, 2022 11:52am

    the quality of images in AVIF is spectacular at half the size of JPEG. Safari will be supporting it in v13 in fall 2022. Webflow must consider supporting this open source format that will become the standard

  • Giovanni Bonomelli commented
    24 Mar, 2022 10:47am

    Please do this!

  • White Horse commented
    28 Feb, 2022 08:43pm

    Please make this happen webflow! we need faster pagespeeds.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 08:56pm

    You can use AVIF Image Format finally with Stacket here: for both images and background images aswell with a fallback aswell.

  • Ahmet Bayram commented
    14 Feb, 2022 11:00pm

    Pls add the Future

  • Chris Saldana commented
    12 Jan, 2022 06:52pm

    Please Webflow haha

  • Ezekiel Rochat commented
    12 Jan, 2022 04:29am

    This would be great!

  • Patrick Palacin commented
    1 Dec, 2021 09:51am

    Would it be possible to have an official statement from Webflow according this? I understand not supporting webp, but as avif is the new standard it should be integrated as soon as possible.

    Otherwise webflow wont be a valid alternative for landing pages o.s. anymore.

  • Matthew Tschiegg commented
    15 Nov, 2021 05:25pm

    This is the biggest complaint from my performance analysis.

  • Jakub Mazanec commented
    12 May, 2021 08:41am

    this is must have... pls add it!

  • Chris Hawkins commented
    6 May, 2021 01:22am

    I will just note that AVIF is supported now by all major browsers and is quite easy to impliment. It will likely save hosting costs for Webflow as well. We actually had it working on our website prior to migrating to Webflow, and this was one of the major losses we incurred by switching.

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