Mobile CMS App

A mobile CMS App, for adding and removing dynamic content being able to creating blog posts, job posts etc on the fly. Would be useful for clients and the designers alike.

  • Aaron Grieve
  • Jan 17 2017
  • Justin Roberts commented
    8 Apr 11:26am

    Please make this or outsource to a 3rd party to build. Can’t be that hard… Give me access to an api and I will build it.

  • O H commented
    7 Feb, 2023 04:31am
    It's 2023 and webflow still does not support editing on phones
  • Guest commented
    31 Jul, 2022 02:11pm
    I'd also like to see a way to directly engage clients via chat and call in app. My store caters to clients who enjoy that personal engagement. There are other ways of getting this done, but to have more things in a centralized location would be ideal..
  • Andrea Ilgner commented
    22 Jul, 2022 07:28pm

    Why is this not a thing yet? 🤔

  • Rob C commented
    7 Apr, 2022 07:56pm

    And a way to track orders from mobile device would be nice

  • Tyler Cagle commented
    2 Mar, 2022 04:39pm

    This is awesome! I've built an app to just do that – adding, removing, and editing dynamic content like blog posts, job listings, product offerings, etc.

    It's called WebflowCMS and you can find it on the App Store, Google Play, or learn more on it's Product Hunt page here

  • Gareth Cooper commented
    22 Jan, 2022 10:22am

    This is essential! One of the best selling points for our clients is the ease of use of the editor compared to other platforms, but this is greatly diminished when you can't use it on mobile or tablet. Sort it out please Webflow!

  • Andres Gonzalez commented
    29 Nov, 2021 09:59pm

    user-generated content. YES.

  • Benjamin Fille commented
    17 Nov, 2021 06:25pm

    I created Phoneflow for that. It's available on Android and iOS devices (iphone and ipad).

  • Sebastian Brink commented
    16 Oct, 2021 07:50am

    Squarespace has an excellent app that allows customers to add pages edit content and products accès analytics and more.

  • Marty Gray commented
    22 Mar, 2021 08:30pm

    I've tried working with dynamic content earlier. It used to be interesting and exciting, but now it doesn't work. Although you are looking for a mobile solution, first of all you should consider integration of salesforce services. In addition, it is very easy to determine the salesforce cost for the web version. It is easier to configure everything in the web version, and then to track it in the mobile version.

  • Augie Rakow commented
    6 Feb, 2021 04:01pm

    Has anyone tried Phoneflow?

  • Augie Rakow commented
    6 Feb, 2021 03:58pm

    +1. Pretty surprised can’t even access the Editor in mobile browser. Where do people make blog drafts on mobile while away from desk, in G Docs or something then transfer into Webflow?

  • Patrick Geider commented
    20 Jan, 2021 09:39pm

    This would be great!

  • Valentin Steber commented
    13 Jan, 2021 11:31am

    Please just add, everyone with a blog function wants something like that. WordPress has it, its such a disadvantage ...

  • Parwaiz Haidary commented
    31 Oct, 2020 12:09pm

    Yes this is an absolute must.

    Our website is constantly being updated with dynamic and new content through the blog and being able to do this via mobile is a must. Because our trade services business is always updated with new content from our Sydney plumbers electricians and Air Conditioning installers we always need to upload new photos and provide information to our customer base

  • Diabetes Tech Jobs commented
    9 Oct, 2020 07:11pm

    Writing blog posts is much better on the ipad (w BT keyboard) than Macbook (distraction free).

  • Alessandra Mirto commented
    28 Sep, 2020 06:46am

    We need this please!

  • Gianfranco Suito commented
    16 Sep, 2020 03:44pm

    please, please, please!

  • Baptiste Morin commented
    6 Aug, 2020 12:23pm

    Yes one App or access Editor with smartphone.

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