Mobile CMS App

A mobile CMS App, for adding and removing dynamic content being able to creating blog posts, job posts etc on the fly. Would be useful for clients and the designers alike.

  • Aaron Grieve
  • Jan 17 2017
  • Patrick Geider commented
    20 Jan 09:39pm

    This would be great!

  • Valentin Steber commented
    13 Jan 11:31am

    Please just add, everyone with a blog function wants something like that. WordPress has it, its such a disadvantage ...

  • Parwaiz Haidary commented
    31 Oct, 2020 12:09pm

    Yes this is an absolute must.

    Our website is constantly being updated with dynamic and new content through the blog and being able to do this via mobile is a must. Because our trade services business is always updated with new content from our Sydney plumbers electricians and Air Conditioning installers we always need to upload new photos and provide information to our customer base

  • Diabetes Tech Jobs commented
    9 Oct, 2020 07:11pm

    Writing blog posts is much better on the ipad (w BT keyboard) than Macbook (distraction free).

  • Alessandra Mirto commented
    28 Sep, 2020 06:46am

    We need this please!

  • Gianfranco Suito commented
    16 Sep, 2020 03:44pm

    please, please, please!

  • Baptiste Morin commented
    6 Aug, 2020 12:23pm

    Yes one App or access Editor with smartphone.

  • Jonas Pölloth commented
    14 Jul, 2020 01:26pm

    Must need

  • Jason Guan commented
    28 Jun, 2020 10:35pm

    Being able to add post on a website using the phone is very basic.

  • Zack Bujazia commented
    9 Jun, 2020 06:54pm

    Just expressing my support for this idea. Would be very helpful for a lot of my clients.

  • Victoriano Izquierdo commented
    17 Apr, 2020 08:55am

    This already should exits!

  • Andy Ziesemer commented
    4 Dec, 2019 04:19pm

    This is borderline mandatory! What good is a blog that can't be updated on the go?! Thanks

  • Sven-Erik Slåttedalen commented
    1 Oct, 2019 10:05pm

    This is very much needed. Being able to add cms content using pad or phone is actually crutial for most customers. The Webflow team is doing an amazing job for us designers, I think, but some times it seems like they forget the end users and their needs. Ppl are always on the move, and they want to be able to post on their website while on the move, and not wait till their back home, or at the office.
    I really hope the Webflow team can push up the work on this. It would also attract more customers, both for us designers and for Webflow.

  • Bailey Simrell commented
    28 Jun, 2019 08:39pm

    We don’t even need a mobile app entirely... just some sort of PWA or mobile version of the existing Editor.

  • HS of Da Game commented
    27 May, 2019 05:16pm

    Can we get this already, can i do this on the website for developer! Come on I feel seriously limited right now!

  • Brandyss Adams commented
    17 May, 2019 02:15pm

    My client is now asking about this. Being able to use the editor on a tablet as he is on the go. Any news, updates? Is this even on the roadmap?

  • Luke Dorny commented
    14 May, 2019 09:34pm

    You could add eCommerce editing capability, too.

  • Valentin Steber commented
    12 May, 2019 09:07am

    This feature would really attract a bunch of new customers. For a clients with a blog this is often a make or break issue.

  • Stefan Blendulf commented
    10 Apr, 2019 03:15pm

    Not ONLY is the flowpost app not available outside the US. It has also no support for editor-logins. Only for the webflow account owner. Maybe I should just hand out my credentials to all my customers?

  • Tibor Gludovatz commented
    2 Apr, 2019 08:53am

    App is not available on the iOS App Store - looked for it in the austrian App store, but its not there. Can you still download it, from wherever you are?

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