Add Radio button & Dropdown to "Additional info settings" in E-commerce checkout

In the "additional info settings" panel on the various checkout pages you can currently add "Text field", "Text Area" and "Checkbox".

So all is there except the "Radio button" and "Dropdown menu".

I make a shop for food takeaway and customers need to choose out of 3 various store locations - right now they have to enter the ZIP, but this leaves options for failure (typos, wrong numbers, they don't know the ZIP, etc.)

Please fill the gap and let's enable radio buttons & dropdowns too!!

  • Tibor Gludovatz
  • Sep 23 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Brad Pickett commented
    9 May, 2022 10:33pm

    Why would webflow go so far to add some, but not give us everything!! I need this!

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    14 Oct, 2020 06:53am

    This is needed. I would like CMS list driven dropdowns for time slots too