"Unique" option for collection fields

Much like required fields on a collection, make a "unique" option.

This will restrict other items in the same collection from having that same value in the respective field.

For example: My collection is products. I don't want there to be 2 product with the same SKU (field). When I setup the product collection I'd like to be able to enable "Unique" on the SKU field.
This way, there can't be 2 product records with the same SKU.

  • Dylan Johnston
  • Feb 2 2017
  • Ellias Rezaie commented
    May 12, 2017 03:44

    thought this was a basic field option....guess not. 

  • Michael Kadron commented
    February 06, 2017 16:55

    This is a good idea.  I think that he means having a "Unique" checkbox next to certain fields in the field designer that dictates that a CMS entries' value for that field can't already exist in the CMS database.

    This would have to apply to CMS items that haven't been published yet too.

  • Dylan Johnston commented
    February 03, 2017 00:42

    Updated, Sorry for the vague description!

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    February 03, 2017 00:18

    Hey Dylan can you explain further? The description isn't very clear. Can you also include a specific use case?