Load reCAPTCHA only on pages that have forms

It seems that reCAPTCHA is loaded on all pages. Even pages that do not have forms include reCAPTCHA. This slows down page loading unnecessarily on those pages.

Please have reCAPTCHA load only in pages that have forms.

  • Shahar Or
  • Sep 28 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Matt Wheeler commented
    22 Jul 05:41pm

    Yes, please take a look into this. My site is failing LCP core web vitals with reCAPTCHA taking 26% of the resources when loading.

  • Shahar Or commented
    25 Jun 12:42am

    Thank you for reviewing this, WebFlow.

  • Julien Vanwinsberghe commented
    4 Feb 06:41am

    This would help a lot for improving Google PageSpeed score!

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