✌ So mandatory: Mutli-Reference - Let us create new items ON THE FLY (i.e. for #Hashtags)

Let us create new items on the fly when multi-referencing a collection's items.

This way we can at least, quickly, create the "Name" field of this reference (and take care of the other details later).

Useful case:
Very useful for #hashtags. Almost all serious Blogs use #Hashtags as a "Sub-Category" system (click on the hashtag, it takes you to a "Category" kind of page with all the posts created that are referencing this #hastag).

Few lines to code. Many happy customers.

☞ Mockup attached.

  • Zacchino
  • Feb 3 2017
  • Shipped
  • Zacchino commented
    3 Feb, 2017 07:34am

    If the user created a pill by accident, he'll remove it in the collection it was created in. No need to bother them with extra confirmation popup on creation in my opinion.