Hotkeys / Keyboard shortcuts in Website

I'd like to embed keyboard shortcuts into my site, for example. cmd + a for my about page etc.

So far all I can find is how to use shortcuts in webflow, rather than a add to website.

  • Ruby Childs
  • Oct 2 2020
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    3 Feb, 2022 11:49am

    We will create a simple web page with a couple of keyboard shortcuts that will allow users to access some of the website's features. In this second example, we will show a help window that will show a list of keyboard shortcuts available on the website. If you visit a certain website frequently, you can even create a keyboard shortcut so that every time you click on it, your favorite website will open in a browser window. In order to add custom keyboard shortcuts, you need to keep track of keyboard keys pressed to keep track of when the desired combination is being pressed.

    This is checked during the keypress event because the keypress event is the only place where the custom link can be clicked. In jQuery, you can use the event.what property to control keyboard input.

    As soon as the "Properties" window becomes visible, the "Web Document" tab will automatically open, where there is a field for hot keys. When finished, the window will display the hotkey combination for launching the web page. Click Used car valuation dubai