Add a cheaper CMS hosting for small business sites

Webflow CMS feature is great and I like it a lot, however the CMS hosting price is way to expensive for small business owners

Maybe in the segment of big businesses the price is reasonable when you want to use SSL, have a great uptime etc., but for small sites like local coffee shop or a private yoga teacher all that is not needed.

I would love to have $5 to $7 hosting for smaller businesses. Just right now I am working with clients and for both of them it is too expensive, so I have to implement custom mail form scripts, deprive my clients from a perfect CMS and host elsewhere, using Webflow only as a visual web builder.  Effectively Webflow looses a hosting client as well in that case.

I really hope it will be implemented!!

Good luck with your development!


  • Dmitry Ra
  • Feb 3 2017
  • Paul Phoenix commented
    20 Jul 12:09

    We need a cheap CMS too. We have a budget project now and a little bit of money.

  • Jayden John commented
    11 Jun 12:34

    You have to care about hosting on weekly basis and try to make backup for it as well. I worked with where they teach us how we can about it always.

  • Jane Stone commented
    01 Mar 14:59

    your website is very important for google our generation.

  • Tyler Jensen commented
    July 18, 2019 17:44

    I would love to see some cheaper hosting options. $15 / month is just to much for small sites that get 25-100 visits a month. Something like a simple $5 plan for ultra low traffic sites would be amazing. 

  • Brennan Smith commented
    March 21, 2017 21:41

    I agree with you about the pricing, it's not justifiable to my clients. I have recently started using Perch CMS to convert my Webflow designs to a CMS. It has been a breeze to convert over to Perch and I have a lot more control with my deigns. At $60 per license it's a no brainer. 

  • Roberto commented
    February 17, 2017 14:30

    CMS hosting is actually a little too expensive for individuals and for small companies. I know you have increased recently the prices and do not discuss your choices also because WebFlow is unique, but a CMS hosting for individuals is actually too expensive. If it is possible to decrease some prices or insert new options at a lower price, you will attract many more customers who currently can not afford an annual or monthly plan spending so much. Thank you.