European Hosting to comply with GDPR

I have several clients in Europe (germany and switzerland) and I love Webflow, but they are all very concerned with data privacy and complying to GDPR. Especially now with the current privacy shield solutions. Please, please work on an European hosting so you don't loose valuable customers. I see this issue popping up on so many webflow groups (facebook). More and more freelancers as well as agencies are moving back to WordPress bc of that significant issue.

  • Jana
  • Oct 21 2020
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  • David commented
    22 Sep 12:34pm

    This is so important, especially with memberships coming soon.

  • Jan Niklas Hauck commented
    16 Aug 12:28pm

    Please Webflow, give us europeans the oppurtunity to use webflow GDPR comply. I'm also willing to pay more!

  • Lukas Treder commented
    31 Jul 08:20pm

    That would be awesome :)

  • Wenzel Massag commented
    24 Jul 03:45pm

    The lack of GDPR is the reason I have yet to build a single public project. I think webflow is amazing, but it is alaso useless. I can't do anything with it until it is fully GDPR compliant.

  • Vania Rensi commented
    8 Jul 09:45pm

    Back on the Webflow community after a while, love to see that so many people are asking this out loud! I just watched the "Building with Memberships beta on Webflow" video on YouTube and saw the vague, almost confused answer they offered when somebody on the chat asked about GDPR... not promising.

    Please Webflow, we're sooo ready to leave Wordpress for good but we CANNOT do it if you don't solve this.

    P.S. It's NOT abut the cookie banner. It CANNOT be solved using an external service. As the post title correctly states, this is mainly about where the website and the data collected via forms are stored (hosting).

  • Paul Seymour commented
    15 Jun 11:01pm

    Why is this titled "hosting?" Doesn't every site on earth have to comply with GDPR when VISITORS are coming from Europe? This should have been built into Webflow the day GDPR was enacted. The world is following suit. Please, this needs to be priority number 1. You're years behind now. Why do I have to explain to clients that they have to pay more for some other service to do what the law requires you to do? They do not understand that.

  • Emilie Moyne commented
    3 Jun 07:16am


  • Guest commented
    26 May 08:01pm

    I would look at which solves GDPR easily for you.

  • Ehab Hourani commented
    20 May 11:37pm
  • Alexandre Colpin commented
    28 Apr 08:06am
    Due to that things, sadly I have to stop to work with webflow. And please stop to wait another privacy shield or other thing like that..
  • Matthias Schreiber commented
    30 Mar 08:05pm

    It would be amazing!!! Great proposal 👍

  • Guest commented
    24 Mar 04:26pm
  • Guest commented
    24 Mar 04:25pm

    If anyone wants Full GDPR ->

  • Florian commented
    21 Mar 03:08pm

    I would be interested in the status. Our agency is also dependent on it.

  • Clément Bettini commented
    15 Mar 07:21pm

    Hello, is there any news about this ? Many people are waiting to hear from you on this subject. @teamwebflow

  • Uwe Viehmann commented
    8 Mar 07:25pm

    It's really time for an official update and a roadmap of when we can expect DSGVO, GDPR et al compliant hosting. With currently about 30 active sites, the first clients of our agency are cancelling their Webflow sites and moving back to Wordpress after the ice is getting thinner and thinner after the recent rulings (Schrems II, Google Fonts, etc.). It would be a shame for us as an agency to completely turn our backs on Webflow. But we are very close to doing so. Is Germany/Europe really such an unimportant market? You are losing momentum massively, Webflow.

    European hosting without »calling home« now, please!

  • Anika Grabe commented
    1 Mar 04:04pm

    Hello Webflow-Team,

    I‘d also like to know if there are any news on the topic? I also would like to switch completely to webflow without having to worry about legal issues.


  • Ingo Müller commented
    27 Feb 10:40am

    Hi Webflow team, the issue of hosting Webflow websites in the EU is still open! Is there an update from you on the topic? I don't want to wake up someday and get sued because I host through Webflow! That doesn't fit your claim.... by the way otherwise a big fan.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb 04:32pm

    Finally it's possible to avoid the GDPR Issue and hence comply the GDPR Hosting through my software Stacket:

    It allows you to host your Webflow Site where you want :).

  • Marco Sablotzki commented
    15 Feb 12:00pm

    We are a group of several web design agencies from Germany. In the last weeks we were looking for an alternative to Wordpress. After using Webflow for a pilot project, we are all ready to make the switch. The only thing holding us back from switching to Webflow is the lack of gdpr compliance. We will not switch until webflow is fully gdpr compliant. Please hurry, we are ready to go!

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