Please work on European Hosting to comply with GDPR

I have several clients in Europe (germany and switzerland) and I love Webflow, but they are all very concerned with data privacy and complying to GDPR. Especially now with the current privacy shield solutions. Please, please work on an European hosting so you don't loose valuable customers. I see this issue popping up on so many webflow groups (facebook). More and more freelancers as well as agencies are moving back to WordPress bc of that significant issue.

  • Jana
  • Oct 21 2020
  • Joey Clover commented
    15 May 06:22pm

    Screw you webflow with your pathetic support and your lack of engagement with the community regards to features and updates on serious issues. I pay $888/year to host with Webflow and rest assured I'll be moving to a different platform when I'm due to renewal.

  • Dinophox commented
    15 May 05:04pm

    Hey guys, this is quite a serious topic right now because and especially of GDPR. The other day I read Microsoft is building data centers in Europe to comply fully with GDPR.

    Not sure whether the Webflow team is planning to do anything about this, but it is quite serious and lots of people could get into troubles.

    Is there any way to sort this kind of things? Or any explanation or suggestion on how to possibly sort this "problem" out?

    Thank you guys for any answer and solution.

  • Edgars Treimanis commented
    11 May 07:57pm

    Can't move my whole ecommerce to webflow without this :(

  • Tom Kamín commented
    5 May 02:37pm

    This needs to happen! Webflow, any news ?

  • Atticus Team commented
    24 Apr 06:13pm

    Can we add California CCPA while we're at it?

    Seems like a great plugin opportunity... we should open source a github project to tackle this.

  • Alex Dixon commented
    22 Apr 02:33pm

    This is definitely something that needs to be prioritised on the Webflow platform.

    It's a massive consideration for GDPR, SEO and site performance (to non-US visitors).

  • Sam Button commented
    20 Apr 03:30pm

    This would be a really great solution and would be such a helpful tool to have. However, in the meantime, for those working in Europe (just so people arent missing out on such a powerful design tool), there are a few Cookie solutions that do comply with EU regulations.

    Osano cookie consent has a tutorial on how to implement it in Webflow and is free if you have under 5000 site visitors per month (although in order for form submissions to work it has to be set to 'permissive' rather than 'strict')

    For anyone intergrating Tag Manager, I believe you can get Cookiebot through there although I don't use it and don't know how it works.

  • Luke Willson commented
    20 Apr 11:57am

    Why is this not sorted?!

  • Tom Kamín commented
    17 Apr 08:31pm

    PLEASE WEBFLOW ! I just strated re-building my website from wix to webflow, but this is a big thing that i need to be able to switch. Thank you

  • Luxe Calendar commented
    31 Mar 12:58pm

    It is really important indeed ! As a French, I am considering moving to another tool until this option is able on weblfow...

  • David Michel commented
    22 Mar 12:16pm

    EU has the right to deny you to service EU customers though. Most people in EU seem to assume that this means that you have to comply , but that is not the case historically on the internet (e.g. china russia turkey): It is up to EU countries to ban those foreign companies , the companies themselves are not legally obliged to comply.

  • Davor Egyed commented
    21 Mar 08:42pm

    This must be the #1 priority! Webflow's European market could de jure vanish in months if this does not get solved. Surely worth the investment for the whole of europe!

  • Adriana Peyruse commented
    30 Jan 09:49am

    It is really important indeed ! As a French, I am considering moving to another tool until this option is able on weblfow...

    Plus, expectations about "green IT" are increasing, and being able to choose an European Green Hosting would be great !!!

  • William Eckert commented
    25 Jan 11:33am

    +3 for European hosting. We can only start using Webflow if European hosting becomes an option.

    You already use AWS and could let your customers choose which AWS datacenter their website should be hosted in (like Frankfurt, Germany).

  • Verena Muck commented
    21 Jan 11:17am

    I'm loosing customers without that!

  • Daniel Gremmer commented
    21 Jan 09:43am

    Please, very Important.

  • Christoph commented
    17 Jan 06:23pm

    When you think about what you can do with Webflow! However, you cannot use it because you are in the EU.

  • Freda Meier commented
    13 Jan 04:12pm

    I have been loving Webflow from the distance but wont touch it any further until there is EU hosting. Finally being able to use it has been one of my biggest professional fantasies over the last two years. It seems tedious to keep checking to see if anything has changed. So far that has been a very disappointing experience. In the end Webflow is missing out on a huge opportunity in Europe… which I just don’t get.

  • Valentin Steber commented
    13 Jan 11:10am

    This needs to be adressed. Or they lose a lot of People in the EU. That would be such a shame ...

  • Luz Bella Lendinez Martinez commented
    10 Jan 06:31pm

    This is so important, please!

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