Please work on European Hosting to comply with GDPR

I have several clients in Europe (germany and switzerland) and I love Webflow, but they are all very concerned with data privacy and complying to GDPR. Especially now with the current privacy shield solutions. Please, please work on an European hosting so you don't loose valuable customers. I see this issue popping up on so many webflow groups (facebook). More and more freelancers as well as agencies are moving back to WordPress bc of that significant issue.

  • Jana
  • Oct 21 2020
  • Amelie Leonard commented
    23 Nov 07:59am

    I run my freelance business and I also face these problems like data privacy for my employees and clients. Word press security is much better so I use word press template for scrap my car for cash salt lake city to protect my and my clients data as well.

  • SH commented
    16 Nov 10:17am

    We need this yesterday!!!!!!!!

  • Sachin Bhatt commented
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  • Adrien Derible commented
    6 Nov 08:46am

    Hi ! For those with this issue : I can help you setup your Webflow sites on a compliant GPDR hosting solution, with a representative in the European Union for data protection matters. It will be cheaper.

  • Jason Boo commented
    5 Nov 12:18pm

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  • Jason Boo commented
    5 Nov 12:18pm

    Hi students!

  • Ben White commented
    4 Nov 01:11pm

    I know several webdesigners from Germany who switched back to WordPress because of the GDPR problem.

    Need to be fixed as soon as possible!

  • Loius Ford commented
    28 Oct 11:53pm

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  • Jack Senn commented
    28 Oct 03:57pm

    Absolutly need this!!!

  • Simeon Zickert commented
    27 Oct 01:56pm

    This is such an important feature. Already had clients declining Webflow hosting.

  • Cedric Coors commented
    24 Oct 08:11am

    Totally agree, its a problem for many customers. Need to be fixed asap.

  • John Smith commented
    22 Oct 06:21pm

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  • Yannik commented
    21 Oct 03:26pm

    Yes this is a huge issue.

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