Secure Digital Downloads Links

Right now, anyone can share their digital downloads link which would easily encourage fraud & piracy.

We need secure links tied to the customer or customer's email only, so that no one else on the internet can access it or post the link to the public.

Maybe the future memberships area would resolve this, but in the meanwhile, could we tie the download URL to the customer somehow?

  • Rosa M.
  • Oct 23 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Patrick Kilian commented
    1 Dec, 2021 07:49pm

    This is a dealbreaker if I move from wordpress.

  • Tyler Brooks commented
    1 Sep, 2021 02:09pm

    Webflow, please implement this feature, I just launched my first digital product and tested the purchase process, and it literally goes straight to where the file is hosted on DropBox - I could open the link on any other device and have access to the link.

    If you are going to add digital downloads as a feature at least make it secure to use and not vulnerable to easy piracy, the way this feature has been prematurely implemented without any security is unacceptable, I am not a beta tester for your website, I am a paying customer.

  • Cameron Coulby commented
    1 Jan, 2021 03:37am

    Please, please, please! We need a way to generate unique links for each purchase/order!

    I am experiencing link sharing among my customers. Which is cutting into my sales.

    I love the webflow experience but this is a much needed feature!


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