Ability to sell and redeem Gift vouchers / cards in ecommerce

Gift vouchers and cards are a huge deal for clients now and even more relevant at the moment. They're simply expected by my clients as standard. This is something that is just not possible in Webflow at the moment (unless you are a developer of course, in which case it might be, but we're not all developers and that's the point in Webflow right?).

Almost managed to integrate GiftUp via Zapier using Webflow's discounts, but the discounts API is inaccessible at the moment anyway so you can't interact with it. As is using Giftup means managing two sets of discount codes and manually updating them in two places.

This feature would mean I could for a lot of clients, keep everything in webflow and use your eccommerce platform far more often (I've been able to use it once so far because of this, as that client doesn't need gift vouchers or cards!) Yes there are workarounds and it can be sort of done with Foxy, who will help you out everytime as they're excellent, but you can't have remaining balances, which my client's want.

Would be great to get this!!!! Any idea whether it'll even be a feature?

  • Andy Taylor
  • Oct 23 2020
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  • Andy Taylor commented
    5 Dec, 2022 11:39am

    A little update on this. Still not in Webflow, but Foxy now offers Gift Card functionality (in Beta).

  • Eavan English commented
    6 Mar, 2022 09:57am

    I don't know why this is not standard on the ecommerce already. Yes, I can do it with separate integrations but that is taking on another set of account management

  • Brandon Tuttle commented
    8 Sep, 2021 05:09pm

    Does anyone have a work around for this? Or a bolt on option? Really hard to believe this isn't already part of Webflow.

  • Lóa commented
    2 May, 2021 10:12am

    Expose the discounts in the API please.

  • Andy Taylor commented
    16 Nov, 2020 08:27pm

    Hi Mick (sorry don't seem to be able to "tag" / reply to you).

    So, as yet, there isn't a perfect solution at the but what I have done in the past are two diffrent things (plus a third option that I haven't used but I think will be passable.

    First off is a setup with Foxy.io. I used their built in coupon system to create a load of codes in advance, with different values. I set up an editable PDF for the client where the code could be added. The when was ordered, the client grabs a code from Foxy and adds it to the PDF. (ticks it off a list or simliar). Then when this is redeemed it's automatically shown as redeemed (crossed out) in Foxy and becomes unusable.

    That setup means that the client can simply generate their own codes and add them to the template you made, so they can do it all themselves without you needing to create the PDFs every time they need new ones.

    The problem with that setup is that you can't have remaining balances so it's an all or nothing situation. Unless you can convince the client to create a new code with the remaining balance and issue that. I imagine that would be a bit of a pain though, but manageable if they aren't selling loads of them.

    Secondly was a convoluted system involving foxy, orderdesk, google sheets, Zapier and airtable! This automatically assigned a new code to a customer in Google sheets. Having imported the codes created in Foxy into Google sheets, it automatically assigned the customer a code then Zapier grabbed it and sent it to Airtable where an email with the PDF the client makes can be sent via email. I forget exactly how it all went together though, sorry!

    The third opiton, which I believe will work, having looked a little into it, is to get an account with Giftup and upload the Foxy codes there. The benefits to this will be that the gift cards would be automatically created and sent out to the buyer, you can integrate the GiftUp checkout into Webflow easily for buying the cards and finally you can have pre made branded artwork on the cards. The downside is you still have to track things in Foxy to see that the card was redeemed so you could update the balance. Unless you didn't need to of course, in which case you'd just have to keep on top of the Giftup gift cards.

    Also, the Giftup checkput would be separate to which ever eccommerce platform you chose, but I imagine that's not a massive problem as haveing done some research, People apparently don't tend to buy gift vouchers and normal products together. (don't know how true that is but it makes sense to me).

    The Gift up setup would probably work with Webflow's discount system also since you are just creating the codes to use in GiftUp. You may be able to use an online code generator to make loads in advance and import them into Webflow as a CSV.

    Sorry I don't have a solution with a proper Gift card setup yet. If I find one I'll certainly let you know!

  • Mick Wieland commented
    10 Nov, 2020 06:50pm

    Hi Andy, I also need a downloadable Gift Card feature in my Webflow site. I figure I can create a supply of PDFs that are uniquely numbered, and have the client track which ones were redeemed...but I don't see how to set this up in the Webflow ecommerce area. Were you able to make any progress here?

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