Manual tax rate calculation

For ecommerce website in France, we need the ability to chose a custom VAT rate because some products have a specific tax rate (5.5% for food).

  • Camille Duprat
  • Oct 29 2020
  • Reviewed
  • András Gregor commented
    28 Jul, 2023 12:11pm

    Just realized this doesn´t work. I thought I´m stupid because it should be a basic function 🤦‍♂️ Please Webflow team, make it happen!

  • Tor Vegard Tobiassen commented
    24 Apr, 2023 10:01am

    Any updates? Still need this to make ecommerce pages in a lot of countries.

  • Jasper Middendorp commented
    10 Apr, 2023 10:52am

    Adding to the comments here, seems pretty crazy such a basic feature is not avaiable. Especially as it basically mean you cannot use the ecommerce functionality in Europe without an external plugin.

  • Ada Matic commented
    28 Mar, 2023 08:19am

    Really frustrating having made an entire page in Webflow, and now realizing the webshop won't be legal in Norway since the tax calculation does not work. What's the status here?

  • Robert Magnussen commented
    29 Jan, 2022 03:15pm

    No news? It's almost hard to believe that this feature is still lacking. Should be quite simple and would help a lot of us.

  • DL Privat commented
    7 Dec, 2021 09:36am

    I am deeply disappointed by Webflow, that this central function is not given makes it almost impossible to run the online shop without third-party programs in Europe, as TaxJar also provides wrong values. This problem does not seem to exist only since yesterday, see also comments from last year. I would much rather have a manual input of taxes than a poorly functioning automatic one. This is about complying with the legislator's regulations, so to only refer to the third party without the possibility of manual changes is a bit questionable in my opinion.

  • Lars Sass commented
    1 Dec, 2021 12:17pm

    I am absolutely disappointed by webflow Ecommerce. I am an extrem Webflow enthusiast and love the way webflo perfoms and do there marketing. But after month of work on my ecommerce shop, there is no way to edit the tax in the checkout process. There is still an issue by generating the right tax for Germnay and many other countries in the EU.

    I really hope that webflow is fixing this issue otherwise Ecommerce is absolutely useless for Germany...

  • Lexi Woodward commented
    9 Sep, 2021 09:39am

    Not having this feature is very problematic for my store.

  • Jörg Agostini commented
    30 Aug, 2021 04:08pm

    Definitely a big draw back. The formula for the tax calculation already exists, it would be a matter of adding the percentage(s) done and dusted.

  • Hossein Lavi commented
    29 Aug, 2021 09:25pm

    This is really mind blowing that you can't manually set the taxes. SO many hours of work to waste! Please, this should be part of the basics, a need to have function.

  • Matthew Greene commented
    21 Apr, 2021 08:02pm

    Webflow it blows my mind the basic features you skip over. This should be a simple add.

  • Robert Magnussen commented
    26 Jan, 2021 08:27pm

    This should indeed be a VARY basic feature. As of now Webflow is offering an incomplete product. I mad a site for a Norwegian business, but had to say to them after a month that it wasn't possible to fix.

    A lot of lost money only because of Webflow...

  • Grant Senior commented
    15 Dec, 2020 03:41am

    Similar problem for wanting to use Webflow as the Ecommerce platform for any sites here in New Zealand. I currently have 3 sites that will not be getting built in Webflow due to this. Please Webflow, please look into this sooner rather than later. We will both benefit.

  • Rocky Gord commented
    25 Nov, 2020 11:51am

    Thank you so much for the proposal.

  • Eric Unger commented
    10 Nov, 2020 09:48pm

    I desperately need this! Ecommerce stores in a couple Canadian provinces are totally limited on what they can sell (ie. clothing) because the tax rate is wrong. We need manual tax calculation!

  • Astecil LDA commented
    10 Nov, 2020 02:54pm

    is there any way around it?

  • Robert Magnussen commented
    8 Nov, 2020 03:35pm

    I cant believe it's not possible.

  • Tobias Urban commented
    4 Nov, 2020 08:43am

    It should be a basic feature for Ecommerce Websites.

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