Shopping Cart and Checkout SDK

Shopify has their Javascript Buy SDK that connects to the store which allows creators/designers to integrate the eCommerce functionality in a much better and customized matter.

The SDK is used to fetch products, ad them to a cart and then push that cart to a shopify hosted checkout. But allowing the visuals of the site to be completely customized apart from shopify.

Something like this would be an awesome addition to Webflow eCommerce as well. This way a storefront could be created using a framework such as React, Angular or Vue. But keeping the backend part with payment integrations and CMS with Webflow.

  • Johan Carlberger
  • Nov 9 2020
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  • Amber Reyngoudt commented
    9 Nov, 2020 08:08pm

    I'm looking for the same cart/checkout integration for our iOS app. I'm going to have to use another platform. Adds complexity supporting two platforms, I'd prefer to use one for my site and app.

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