Pay for multiple years in advance

For some clients I encountered, it would've been more practical to pay for multiple years in advance.

This might be some special feature, although it is very common in state-owned institutions.

If they use up their money, they get the same amount the next year, so paying in advance is a huge advantage for them.

  • Leon Wolff
  • Nov 10 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Hayley Price-Kelly commented
    22 Oct, 2021 02:58pm

    I added a similar idea and hope this feature will be available soon!

  • Turing Studio commented
    22 Jun, 2021 07:56am

    Totally agreed, please make this feature!

  • FACTI Panel Secretariat commented
    28 Apr, 2021 01:48pm

    Exactly as Yasmina said, I also have a project with a grant that expires at year end - but would like to have the website be active for 5 years or more. Need a way to pay in advance for this!

  • Yasmina Lembachar commented
    29 Mar, 2021 07:55am

    Yes to this! We sometimes need to create websites for projects that eventually end (along with their funding), so it would be helpful to be able to secure at least 2-3 years of hosting beyond the project end and still be able to charge it to the original grant, rather than take on those hosting costs ourselves later on.

  • Kadeem Spencer commented
    4 Dec, 2020 06:52am

    I'm all for it!

  • Helen O'Brien commented
    13 Nov, 2020 12:26pm

    This would be a great additional option

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