CMS: Option to make elements non-editable by default

Before I hand over to a client, I have to make sure to un-check 'collaborators can edit this element' on masses of page elements as I don't want them to be able to mess around with background images, text etc.. this is time consuming and I always miss some. In the worst cases, a client ends up trying to replace a background image or increase a headline by 10x the character count or some just gets confused in the editor who the edit options highlight.

It would make more sense for the default to be unchecked.. then we explicitly allow element sot be editable. 

  • Matthew Sanderson
  • Feb 6 2017
  • Scott Hannon commented
    23 Feb 07:35pm

    I agree with all of the previous comments. Also would be nice to be able to uncheck items and anything nested underneath would automatically be unchecked (or checked) or have the choice of individual item and hierarchy.

  • Keven Lupien commented
    10 Nov, 2020 11:25pm

    Would be great as an option in settings to choose if it's checked/unchecked by default but if that's not an option, then definitely unchecked by default.

  • Bogdan Darev commented
    26 May, 2020 11:23pm

    We're having to uncheck everything now as well. We will build this in our workflow, but when we started out we didn't know we would be handing over access to selected editors. This default feature would really save time.

  • Joe Villanueva commented
    16 Mar, 2020 03:03am

    Please, please, please do this. Unchecking everything is insanity.

    That, plus not being able to select multiple items, FFS!!!

  • Andres Hart commented
    10 Mar, 2020 08:55pm

    yes, this is just an check box!!

  • Joe Davies commented
    20 Feb, 2020 12:28pm

    This NEEDS to be sorted. 

  • Morgan Leahy commented
    22 Aug, 2019 07:11pm

    Not done yet?

  • Paweł Nejman commented
    23 Feb, 2019 08:11pm

    It still has not been repaired? <facepalm>

  • Alex Dixon commented
    23 Feb, 2019 03:37pm


    A switch to choose your preference for this would suit everyones needs.

  • Dimitri Phalen commented
    22 Feb, 2019 05:11pm

    I'll be spending a day or so checking this moronic little box element by element so I can hand over CMS access to depts in our company, a checkbox of "access cms only" would save me ridiculous amounts of time, I work with people who love to poke and prod and change things for no reason beyond their own opinion, when it's not their choice to make. I'm debating just never handing over editor access and taking on the burden of posting all their blogs and announcements and staff page modifications just so I don't have to waste so much time doing this, and remembering it every time i add more content.

    This really should have come out with the addition CMS, or if anybody has a line of code I can add in anywhere that checks alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll those boxes I'd be so greatful

  • Garry Foreman commented
    2 Jan, 2019 05:26pm

    I agree there should be a choice whether all new items are created as editable or non-editable by default.

    I also agree it would be nice to be able to set specific pages as non-editable.

    I like to greatly control what my clients can/can not edit and having to manually select and uncheck each item takes forever.

  • Fei-Ling Tseng commented
    23 Nov, 2018 05:28pm

    Still a huge issue. I suspect there aren't many votes because we already have all our votes used on other pressing issues. Doesn't mean it isn't a problem for more people. And a "simple" fix.

  • Andreas Posch commented
    29 Oct, 2018 04:17pm

    this is really a pain in the ass

  • Alex Ross commented
    24 May, 2018 08:18pm

    There absolutely needs to be either an option to have elements un-editable by default, or disable editing on a page by page basis. Going back and disabling editing on EVERY element on a huge website is absurd.

  • Garry Foreman commented
    11 May, 2018 11:32am

    I agree with your comment the default should be unchecked.

  • Erin Patrick commented
    8 May, 2018 06:42pm

    Our team would really be interested in getting this set up as well, so that you could exclude pages or folders from editing and be able to give access to some users and remove from others for certain elements in Webflow.

  • Jared Diaz commented
    8 May, 2018 05:09pm

    Just seems like this should be unchecked by default. It's a painstaking process to go back and uncheck all elements you don't want a client to touch. And, they'll sure be able to find it when they start poking around. 

  • Joshua Jacobs commented
    16 Apr, 2018 02:37pm

    Bump. Or even include the ability to exclude whole folders/pages from editing in page settings?

  • Matti commented
    6 Jul, 2017 12:11pm

    Hi, how is it actually going with this one? I believe there must be tons of other threads with the same topic. Here it was discussed a year ago
    This can be fixed by one checkbox in settings, can you pls. add this option?

    It´s puzzling me that more people are not furious about this? Is nobody handing editor over to clients? People happily click on 1000+ checkboxes? Or just don't care what client will be messing with?

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