Site staging or selective editor publishing

I've noticed while working on site updates for a client's live site:

I can make edits to pages within Designer and not publish. Then, if my client were to go into Editor and create a post (or any other changes) and they publish their edits, my edits get pushed to the live site as well.

It would be nice to have a way to control what gets published between Designer and Editor. I imagine it might be simpler to have an entirely separate "staging site" as opposed to selecting individual pieces or elements to publish. You guys are the experts though. ; ]

Nicky P

  • Nick Pritchett
  • Feb 6 2017
  • Omar Fogliadini commented
    4 Feb 10:49am

    The issue for us as well. Our client's prod website got down cause his editors published one letter changes from the editor and our staging scripts also published on the prod. It's a non-sense.

  • Remi MASSENYA commented
    14 Dec, 2023 04:25pm

    This feature is urgent and needed our clients are leaving and i will also leave if it can't be fixed.

    During since 2017... 5 years without making a simple fix it is time to act.

    Just add a check button in website params : "Editors can publish" YES/NO

  • Kevin Larsen commented
    25 Nov, 2023 01:12pm

    This is an issue as we basically have to explain this to all our customers that want to use the editor. Unnecessary friction

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug, 2023 08:37pm

    "Obviously", this is quite an issue. 🙃

  • Finn commented
    20 Nov, 2022 02:15pm

    Not a full solution, but in my case I just wanted to check out a new post on the staging site ( without posting to the main site. You can do that by changing the post to "Staged for publish" in the Editor and then publish the whole site to just one domain via the Designer.

  • Red Letter commented
    1 Apr, 2022 01:54pm

    Please address this!

  • Ben Schweitzer commented
    17 Mar, 2022 10:57pm

    Seriously, how is this not fixed yet?

  • Caleb Peffer commented
    31 Jan, 2022 08:54pm


    I'm not sure the phrasing of the initial idea speaks to how urgent fixing this should be.

    This small error has literally poisoned my experience with Webflow, which was good up unitil this point. I have to explain to a client why their grand opening was released, ufinished, 2 days before the unvealing. I also have to figure out how to keep their Editors from accidentally clicking the publish button.

    Not sure how you prioritze your fixes, but move this to the TOP of the list.

  • Caleb Peffer commented
    31 Jan, 2022 08:40pm

    The current system made me look bad in front of a client.

    It's unintuitive in the worst way. THIS SHOULDN'T have taken 4 years to improve. I can't justifiably recomend webflow after this.

  • HYPE Team commented
    28 Aug, 2021 07:48am

    This should be avaliable in Editor as well...

  • Christer Persson commented
    26 Jul, 2021 12:12pm

    For others that stumble into this huge deficiency in the editor, another user on the forum over at actually came up with a stop-gap solution/css-hack to avoid this HUGE headache until webflow solves this natively...

    add this to the head of your site - it removes the publish button completely.


    /** * Staging Improvements */

    .w-editor-publish-controls .w-editor-publish {

    display: none !important;



    Editors can then publish CMS items individually, any changes to the design has to be published through the designer - not good - but much better than the alternative :D

  • Dan commented
    29 Jan, 2021 06:43pm

    This is probably the #1 deficiency with Webflow.

    The feature of having Editors, but with no feature for handling permissions for publishing makes giving out editor rights simply lunacy.

    At our company, we don’t currently give contenot or page owners editor rights even though this is one of the main reasons one would subscribe to a WCMS.

  • VOUS Web commented
    27 Jan, 2021 01:28am

    Any update on implementing something to solve the issue of Editors publishing changes meant for staging to live/production? Can we give them a choice like in the designer?

  • Erik Ponnert commented
    12 Jun, 2020 12:34pm

    I concur, there has to be a separation with the publishing of the work carried out in the Designer as opposed to the Editor. I see that this request has been active for a long time and this is a much needed functionality and should be introduced sooner rather than later.

  • Thilo Wolter commented
    7 Apr, 2020 08:34am

    This is a very important issue and actually makes us consider switching away from WebFlow because our editors keep accidentally publishing mid-work changes from my design process causing horrible bugs on the live site. Until an advanced rights management for editors is implemented, I think the "publish" option for editors should be removed and make "publish selective item" the standard option because this is what everybody is expecting anyway!

  • Matt Brodersen commented
    12 Mar, 2020 02:31pm

    I made the decision to move my company's website away from WordPress to Webflow. I'm actively in the process of moving our blog into the Webflow framework as part of our corporate domain. I need the ability to publish certain pages and CMS collections selectively. Currently I do one weekly push on our corporate site and many times there are pages on our site that take a few days to finalize and test before pushing live. The blog will sometimes have three posts per week that will need to go live. This is going to cause some major issues. Please get this feature implemented.

  • TRUE commented
    30 Sep, 2019 10:39am

    Is this really how it works?!?! If editors want to publish their changes, they have no choice other than publishing all changes by anyone else? That sounds crazy!

  • Law Creative commented
    15 Jul, 2019 09:08pm

    This should absolutely be a standard feature...

  • Michelle Sue Agee commented
    11 Jul, 2019 10:12pm

    We just found a workaround (Poetic Systems). To have selective publishing,

    • add a toggle in the CMS,
    • use the toggle as a filter 
    • when the toggle is on, it shows as published on the site
  • Carson Thetford commented
    8 Apr, 2019 06:11pm

     This should be in the backlog quickly! It's almost pointless to have editors if you can't keep the design work separate from their work.

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