Site staging or selective editor publishing

I've noticed while working on site updates for a client's live site:

I can make edits to pages within Designer and not publish. Then, if my client were to go into Editor and create a post (or any other changes) and they publish their edits, my edits get pushed to the live site as well.

It would be nice to have a way to control what gets published between Designer and Editor. I imagine it might be simpler to have an entirely separate "staging site" as opposed to selecting individual pieces or elements to publish. You guys are the experts though. ; ]

Nicky P

  • Nick Pritchett
  • Feb 6 2017
  • Marcel Mölter commented
    February 08, 2017 13:56

    Hi Nick,

    sounds quite similar to this wishlist item:

  • Samuel commented
    July 19, 2017 23:06

    This is not a duplicate of

  • Seán Marsh commented
    July 31, 2017 10:41

    I honestly believed this was a standard feature until today... I've been trying to work out why my changes were being published by my clients for weeks now.

    This needs to be a standard feature, especially given the messaging in the Editor stating the changes made as an Editor doesn't list the changes made by a designer.

    It's made me look like I don't know how to do my job as a web designer when half finished ideas are accidentally made live by my clients.

  • Casey Schorr commented
    September 06, 2017 17:46

    We need the ability to selectively withhold publishing a specific CMS collection item when publishing our site. The use-case is when a major feature change causes us to need to rewrite entries (help articles, feature pages, etc). The collection item we are re-working is already published, so when we go in and edit it, it works fine until someone on the team needs to publish the site (i.e they wrote a new blog post). At this time, our half rewritten help article gets published as well, which is a big problem.

    Because the CMS collection entry is already published, I can't revert to a draft or it takes the article down which doesn't work either. The only workaround is to "duplicate" the CMS entry and work on the duplicate in a draft state, but it's risky if you forget to change the URL later, you can break links. Copying content is also not a best-practice.

    What we'd like to be able to do is publish the entire site but withhold the specific collection entries from publish so the changes we're making to them don't go live until we specifically publish those collection entries.

  • Thomas Daly commented
    June 14, 2018 15:40

    Our team just got burned by this BIGTIME. We had a content refresh queued up, published to Staging, and then someone on our marketing team made a tweak via the editor and hit Publish, and our new site went live without us being aware of it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. we were not ready for that. 



  • Ross Ch commented
    November 11, 2018 23:21

    Agree that we definitely need this ability in some capacity. It's hard when you're adding a few new pages/larger changes that are in progress and the client just needs to update some text or publish a blog post in the mean-time.

  • Jon So commented
    09 Jan 16:17

    This would be SO helpful to avoid accidental publishing of edits to currently live pages being worked on and updated in the Designer as Editors are adding content in the Editor. Please please publish a fix or workaround for this.

  • Eric NIshioka commented
    13 Jan 01:07

    agreed! this make it super hard to maintain a site that is constantly being updated by multiple authors

  • Caroline Sober-James commented
    28 Jan 18:15

    This is really, really important -- not sure how it's not a standard feature. Also seems similar to this request:

    Just ran into this with a client where he made some CMS changes in the Editor on staging for a new set of pages, and published them, not realizing (I didn't realize, either), that he was publishing the pages that weren't necessarily ready for production yet. Luckily, in this case the change was low-risk, but this could be a huuuuuge deal. Please implement publishing targets for the collaborator, or a "Do not publish" flag on pages for the Designer.

  • Xavier Massaut commented
    28 Jan 21:08

    Same situation for us. We have just migrated an important customer to Webflow. Confident after our first tests and reading documentation on publisher features that it enable-led publication of content from the publisher to both platforms - Staging and production - as does the designer part.

    We discovered shortly before our first release and delivery to the client that this was not the case. Worst! An editor can push design changes live from the editor part without anyone being warned.

    @ webflow please fix let me. An editor should not be able to push design changes live when updating and publishing what he or she believe being only his / her content.

    btw : Publish a Single CMS Item won't do.

  • Matthew Daines commented
    27 Mar 19:55

    This is a major deal breaker for multiple editors. It does not make any sense to allow multiple editors in the system if their edits are not their own.

  • Carson Thetford commented
    08 Apr 18:11

     This should be in the backlog quickly! It's almost pointless to have editors if you can't keep the design work separate from their work.

  • Michelle Sue Agee commented
    11 Jul 22:12

    We just found a workaround (Poetic Systems). To have selective publishing,

    • add a toggle in the CMS,
    • use the toggle as a filter 
    • when the toggle is on, it shows as published on the site
  • Law Creative commented
    15 Jul 21:08

    This should absolutely be a standard feature...

  • TRUE commented
    30 Sep 10:39

    Is this really how it works?!?! If editors want to publish their changes, they have no choice other than publishing all changes by anyone else? That sounds crazy!