Displaying multiple classes in the navigator

In the Designer's navigator, instead of only displaying the first class of an element, it would be great if the combo classes could be displayed as well.

Vincent Bidaux (@vinchubang) has shared a detailed example on Twitter of how this could look visually, which is available here: https://sbx.webflow.io/better-navigator.

The goal with this change would be to give a better overview of a page's structure and elements in the navigator. Here are a few quotes from Vincent to help explain the issue:

Designers write classes from general to specific
In order to define the common properties of a series of sibling elements, designers start by setting a general class, then add combo classes to name and style more specifically.
The Navigator doesn't display combos. Only the first class.
Whether it is during development, maintenance, or during specific task such as building ambitious Interactions, [...] designers need to identify elements in the navigator more easily than they can today.
In one way or another, the Navigator could display more information; especially the combo classes of the upper elements, or all combo classes as soon as [the Navigator's] width allows it.
  • Émile Perron
  • Nov 20 2020
  • +4