CMS Field-Type Option: Multiselect checkboxes + more logic around populating collection lists

We have a number of articles I'd like to display throughout the website depending on the page it might relate to. I would love if there was a multiselect checkbox in the CMS field types to define the pages the article should run on. (Currently, only a dropdown option which allows for a single selection is available.) I would then like to be able to set the filters in my collection list to "if article is set as featured AND pagename checkbox field is selected, display the article." I can't find a workaround at the moment.

A workaround I thought of but couldn't use because of lack of logic available in UI is, if [plain-text-field] CONTAINS [x] but "contains" is not an available operator. That would be nice too.

  • Michael Pasternak
  • Nov 22 2020
  • Reviewed