Allow for partial refunds / single item refunds

When a customer purchases multiple items via Webflow Ecommerce, it may be that only one of the items needs to be returned or refunded.

Right now, only a full refund can be issued. This also causes reporting issues.

It would be great to be able to issue partial refunds, maybe by clicking a button and then checking which items are to be refunded.

  • Oliver Mcquitty
  • Nov 24 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Phil Holt commented
    5 Jul 06:34pm

    Completely agree - this is standard functionality that must be included.

  • All Skinwear commented
    4 Jun 07:55am

    This is so important, please fix this asap as this is such un important part of an e-commerce and our customers get so upset with our way of working partial refunds!!

  • Wai Phyo commented
    1 Jun 10:50pm

    It is such an important part of Ecommerce order process and every other providers are doing it. I am not sure how this issue is still not fixed ??

  • Angie Farrugia commented
    28 Apr 02:09am

    Please add this one - including refunding by a dollar amount not just by product.

  • All Skinwear commented
    6 Apr 06:52am

    This is very necesary for ecommerce, and it is really a drawback don't have the option that other supports do.

  • Antonia Bolla commented
    23 Jan 12:12pm

    This is super important! We need this asap! Please

  • Joel commented
    7 Dec, 2020 12:47pm

    How on earth did eCommerce get shipped without this feature of partial refunds!? It's such as common use case.

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