Ecommerce Orders being available as CMS Collection

It would be great to be able to use orders data (the whole data or a selected amount of it) as a standard CMS collection to be able to work with these in a site. That would allow to create user dashboard or even an admin dashboard to manage sales

  • Martin Reboux
  • Nov 27 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Sean Young commented
    1 Jan, 2021 01:14am

    I also find this to be an incredibly useful feature!

    So for instance, if creating a membership experience for your site visitors (Memberstack perhaps now, hopefully native in the future?), then you could have some API signals send their membership information back into Webflow in a Member Collection list that we also reference this proposed Orders CMS. Then, we could setup a dashboard for them via a CMS collection page, & then include a CMS collection from the Orders CMS collection, filtering for their Member reference.

    I would like to vote on this, however I don't have any votes left for some reason, haha.