Optimize Product import / Export in ecommerce

Please add the ability to export / import custom fields to the products in the ecommerce environment. For CMS Collection this functionality already exists but not for ecommerce products. It is very cumbersome to add this content manually for 100+ products.

AND: please allow to update existing items via CSV import.

  • Nick Bohlen
  • Dec 3 2020
  • Reviewed
  • Justin Gambino commented
    14 Dec, 2022 02:50pm

    Hi All, I found a workaround, as I had 600+ Products with Custom fields to export, which had a lot of content. This worked perfectly, export through the Webflow API to Google Sheets, just keep in mind the API limits, you have to export in batches of around 50 products at a time, but was quite quick and easy to do. If you have more than 100 products, you'll need to use the pagination feature on their program, which requires a pro membership for around $150 but it works great. Links below, enjoy.



  • Timothy Bowers commented
    29 Sep, 2022 03:13pm

    Cant believe they enable you to do that on the CMS but not in the product area. Its the same concept and I dont see why you wouldnt just to the same for both. How

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