Wish Regarding Wishlist - The ability to campaign and rally initial community support from past forum threads

This is a meta wish.  The Wishlist represents our voice, collectively, to communicate with the product, engineering, and executive teams at Webflow.  Many conversations and wishes for specific features or improvements have been registered in the forum, and with the advent of the formal "Wishlist", many of those past conversations are left in the past, nary to be seen again.

Perhaps it's deliberate, perhaps merely an oversight, but if we come up with a legitimate wish that's been expressed or conversed over in the past, we should be able to rally those to our wishlist "New Idea" with the simple ability to tag an individual.  "@Whoever @whatsyourname, etc, I've created a wishlist from that thing we talked about"  Let's vote this thing up until it's trending hot!

It's democratic, it will filter out good ideas from the less well-thoughout (by encouraging people to research past conversations, and explanations as to why something can't or shouldn't be done...), and we then have agency to advocate for a wish that everyone might really want, but forgot or didn't realize they even need. Plus, you can see where actual user-base support really resides!




- Derek

  • Derek Van der Schroeff
  • Feb 8 2017