Find a page by its slug

Say I'm viewing my published site and want to edit a specific page. I need to find that page in the Designer.

I don't have the page name; it's hidden to my site visitors, and I can't find it in the source code. BUT I do have the page slug -- it's in the URL.

There's a big limitation to how this works today. In the Designer, I can only search for pages by page name (hidden from me on a published site). That means I'm left guessing and needing to manually open each page's settings to find the page that maps to the slug. If my site has 399 pages there's a good chance I'm reaching out to support to help me.

I should be able to search for pages by slug! (Using page search or quick find.)

TLDR: Enable me to find a page by it's slug!

  • Monica Czarny
  • Dec 15 2020
  • Reviewed